Back To School Jam feat. The Groove Orient

The Groove Orient

The Groove Orient is an Orlando based group filled with talented musicians. Limited to no certain genre, The Groove Orient performs a wide variety of music, from Samba, Rock Ballads, jazz and even hair metal.

Milk Carton Superstars

Milk Carton Superstars formed in January 2007 when longtime friends Guy Larmay (guitars, bass, other) & Jim Myers (vocals, drums, other also) began writing songs together again for the first time. Their 1st album Please Keep Smiling was released in May 2009, and three videos from the disc were made in 2010. Their second album Into the Future Backwards was released in March 2011, and three videos to that record were created as well. Both albums were co-produced by the band and Ken White. Milk Carton Superstars are currently recording their third album, to be called Sesame Streecar Named Disaster. The album is being produced by Justin Beckler and will be released in early 2013.

Mr. Robert Johnson (of Everyday Ghosts)

Mr. Robert Johnson is an influential part of the local music and culture scene in Orlando. A talented musician, passionate promoter, curator of natural gifts and an overall catalyst for community enrichment, his band Everyday Ghosts was voted one of the top 3 rock bands by Orlando Weekly in 2011. The 4-piece tribal-rock group was grounded in classic rock, funk and afro-beats and within a small window before disbanding, found themselves on some of the biggest and best venues in Orlando, such as: The House of Blues, The Plaza Theater “Live,” Florida Music Festival, Florida Film Festival, Central Florida Earth Day, Orlando Brewery, Club Firestone, The Abbey, and other great local venues.
He steps into his role as community curator during the E.L.L.A. and Corazon art and music festivals. E.L.L.A., which stands for "Elevate, Listen, Love, Appreciate," has been a platform for women artist to truly shine in the last 6 years! Orlando knows they can’t keep him a secret, so look out for his up-coming tour dates!
Looking to the road ahead is a familiar vantage point for Robert. Born in Honolulu, HA as a result of his father’s military career, he moved frequently from place to place. This gave him the ability to observe humanity through a unique lens. During these nomadic childhood experiences he found frustration in the poverty and oppression that everyday people experience. You can hear the impact of this in his soulful songs and see it in the dynamic community action he partakes in.


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