Inner Outlaws, Like Legends, St. Van Cortlandt, Big Elephant Smile

Inner Outlaws

Like Legends

Like Legends is six piece post-hardcore band from central New Jersey. Working hard to pour their hearts and souls into music they can be proud of. This family started making music together in April of 2011, playing show after show and perfecting their craft. Dedicated and stopping at nothing to achieve their dreams, the bands first EP "Them Vs Us" recorded by Johnny Franck (Ex. Attack Attack!) is out now and available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and Xbox Zune!

St. Van Cortlandt

Big Elephant Smile

Live/electronic trio Big Elephant Smile emerge from the jungles of NYC with a highly combustible fusion of reggae, rock and electronica. Applying their dub methodology in real time to dense, ecstatic grooves and no-boundaries improv, BES lay it down with a core instrumentation of bass, drums, keys and then blow it up with an arsenal of synths, drum machines and other electronic loveliness. Brought to you by three multi-instrumental sound geeks with a shared passion for deep riddims, booty-shaking basslines and all-around sonic delirium.

Theo Falkinburg (synth, electronics, guitar, compositions): National Audubon Society Chairperson, Hudson/Babylon region; Ark-builder; Executive Arpeggiator

Todd Wells (bass): World Beard and Mustache competitor; Master Cabinet Melter; fuzz technician

Ian Cook (drums, electronics): Regional co-chair, Drum Machines Save Lives, Tropic of Capricorn; Union time travel pilot; LFO operator



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