Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches are offering their first album "Home" in its entirety and the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, "Calm Down, Everything Is Fine." With a live show bursting with contagious energy and the promise of a follow-up record, Mike Mains & The Branches promises to be on the radar for 2013.

Sophomore album Calm Down, Everything Is Fine due for release Spring 2013.

The Orphan, The Poet

The idea of a "music scene" is one that is lost on The Orphan, The Poet. Developing their craft in rural southern Ohio, the members of this 4-piece indie rock outfit founded their group on a musical island—not a single band or venue in nearly 100 miles.

American Opera

American Opera is a musical project consisting of John Bee and his friends. Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan and recently transplanted to New York CIty, by way of a short stint in Chicago, American Opera combines influences from Modest Mouse to Manchester Orchestra, Rilo Kiley to Ben Folds. John's trademark voice stops conversations and draws immediate attention. The depth of his vocal delivery couples with his introspective and deeply personal lyrics to make a connection with anyone within earshot.

John spent the better part of eight years touring non-stop as part of Michigan-based independent rock band Your Best Friend. In 2011, the band came to an end, and John rolled out his new project, American Opera, a distinct departure from the aggressive rock sounds of his former band. In slightly more than a year, John has performed over 100 shows as American Opera, both solo and with a full band.

He's been featured in Alternative Press magazine, played with artists like Cursive and William Elliott Whitmore, and has released two EPs already in his short career. The rest of 2012 is packed with shows, and his 2013 is full of hope. John intends on continuing to tour relentlessly, and there are plans for at least two musical releases.

In the Groovebox Studios Sessions linked to the left, the intimate nature of American Opera's performance is on full display.

Highway Headline

Highway Headline is a Mid-Western four-piece who is chasing down the adventure of a lifetime. Mike, Aaron, Scott, and Jonny know that when you fill a room, big or small, with people singing at the top of their lungs, something amazing happens. Everyone comes into the room as total strangers but leaves as friends with a shared experience they'll never forget. Highway Headline is setting out to fulfill the dream of doing just that night after night. In March of 2012 "HH" will release their self-titled EP that is just the first chapter of a book that can only be written with your help! Want to come along for the ride?

All My Vices

Art is essential for life. There are so many different skills and styles that the categories and genres are limitless. But what everyone needs to learn to do with art is feel. To feel different emotions, inspirations, and mental pictures through art. To be able to utilize the feelings, then to benefit not only you but those around you somehow. Whether in pain, sorrows, joy, laughter, or anger comes from art, in some way art needs to push the observer to the point of action.

All My Vices is a proclamation that everyone must eventually come to face their struggles. We need the same love that gets us through each hard time and gives us a purpose. With songs like "Alone", heavy burdens and hopeless battles are portrayed with only the light of each others love, support, and forgiveness being the way out of these tiresome battles we face daily. Maybe one of the best things that we can do to build/mend relationships is by starting to truly admit to one another that we all have personal vices. Then we can build off of the imperfections we have instead of trying to work with an unhealthy, fake picture of being perfectly stable on our own.

By believing that we can make it through this life on our own we've then "Bought Into It". We settle for a kind of life or way of life that only our minds can dream up, and that's where we start to have "Drowning Ambitions". We're longing for closer to 'x', but the closer we get the more we regret. We're searching for real love, until love itself crosses the border lines of the way we thought it should go. So we keep on drowning in our pursuit.

Our response is, as not just "Orphans", but loved and supported children, we carry on through the struggle, the strife, and the "Shift Into Grey". To always see the good, which we are given daily, and to never forget to see the beauty in the "Shipwrecked". This shipwreck or "Desperate State" means troubled lives, and troubled lives create moldable hearts. This is true art, an everyday effect on the way we think, the goals we strive for, and the fruits of the way we live our lives.



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