In 2012, when it was believed martians would invade planet earth, Rubedo teamed up with Isaiah "Ikey" Owens for their debut album "Massa Confusa". With a '90s-esque lo-fi disregard for studio polish and perfection, the group emitted a kaleidoscopic and maniacally crafted indie rock sound derived from the colorful subconscious of its members.

Kyle Gray's gripping emotive vocals and prodding lyrics give the otherworldly proceedings a human heart. The noisy synths and janky guitars seem capable of creating infinite textures and infinite worlds within the loosely structured psychedelic jams. Although the groups' music is melodic and familiar, there are plenty of dynamic shifts, bugged-out tones and improvisational excursions to keep "Massa Confusa" from being a stale attempt at indie post-pop.

Rubedo earned much praise including one of the "Movers and Shakers of the year", Westword, as well as "one of the most ethereal and envelope-pushing acts of the year", MySpoonful.

Ready to expand on the experimental yet accessible sound of "Massa Confusa", the boys once again have teamed up with Ikey and are back in the studio recording their sophomore release. Expected to be released at the end of summer 2013 on 20 Sided Records.

The Insects

The Bristol-based The Insects are probably best-known for their work with Massive Attack on the ‘Protection’ album. They contributed two tracks -'Karma Coma' and 'Eurochild' to that album and did further work with Tricky, Goldfrapp and various members of Portishead.

Around the same time The Insects started writing soundtracks – initially for the BBC Natural History Unit based in Bristol, winning an Emmy Award along the way for the score to ‘Life at the Edge’.

Their portfolio now includes soundtracks for various TV series and feature films.



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