The Lawrence Arms

Brendan Kelly--Bass, Vocals
Chris McCaughan--Guitar, Vocals
Neil Hennessy--Drums

Broadways and Slapstick fans, LISTEN UP! Singing machine, Brendan Kelly, is back with a brand new band. Lawrence Arms is their name and they've certainly picked up where the Broadways left off. Lawrence Arms has a bit of a more mature sound of gruff, aggressive, yet melodic punk rock. Their albums are full of energy and will definitely be favorites.
Asian Man Records

Chicago's Lawrence Arms are a gritty but clever punk rock trio that trace their beginnings back to 1999. These three punks/hunks/drunks blend East Bay punk with an intelligent and introspective Midwest sound. Take those musical influences and add a heap of bad television, some leftist literature, and exactly three cases of the cheapest most watery piss-beer you can muster, and you're just beginning to get an idea of what this band is about. Imagine Aaron Cometbus and the guys from Jawbreaker sitting around happily drinking Hamm's from martini glasses in a dank Chicago basemant whilst watching Press Your Luck or The Rockford Files. Their Fat Wreck debut, Apathy and Exhaustion, was pretty much the best independent record of 2002, so now you know. After almost two years of nonstop touring, they followed that up with their second Fat LP, The Greatest Story Ever Told, which is equally amazing. The kids (that's you guys) tell us that it's their best shit yet, so check it out. These poor homeless bastards tour like the dickens, and if you like drunken punk rock, you'll really enjoy their live show. Go see 'em.
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