Panda Riot

Panda Riot

Panda Riot formed in Philadelphia while Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott were working on short films. Soundtracks turned into songs and Panda Riot was born. After moving to Chicago, they expanded the band and in 2011 dropped the Far and Near EP. They recently released a limited edition 7”, Serious Radical Girls, in May of 2012. Their new record, Northern Automatic Music, is set to be released on February 19th on Saint Marie Records.

Wild Moccasins

With a collection of songs that web male-female vocals of couple Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann, as well as pop-infused percussion and string work, Wild Moccasins, a quintet of 20-somethings from Houston, TX, offer a sound that balances a musical guile beyond the band's years.

Wild Moccasins are perhaps best known in their native Texas for their uncanny ability to sell-out live shows. The mere release of their EP,Microscopic Metronomes & then Full Length, Skin Collision Past,actually resulted in some significant amount of press noting how they are one of the few local acts that have no trouble selling out a show.The explanation behind their passionate fan base can be found in the one aspect of Wild Moccasins that is most prevalent: their energy. The passion for music that all five members emit both in the studio and on the stage is one to marvel at.

Cold Blue Kid

Cold Blue Kid is a Chicago-based band comprised of six members: Alex Longoria, Evan Holmes, Sarah Gallagher, Aaron Apter, Bryna B. and Andrew Sole. The group has been playing in the Chicago area since Jan. 1, 2011. Their dynamic and captivating sound could be categorized as indie/pop/rock/shoegaze. They are known to mix straightforward alt rock / pop with dense layers of atmosphere and noise to create an ethereal, yet somehow familiar sound. Major influences have been Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Broken Social Scene, Fleetwood Mac & Smashing Pumpkins.
By March 2011, Cold Blue Kid was playing their first live show at the Double Door. Three months later, they were headlining at House of Blues—Chicago on a Friday night and being invited to perform a post-Lollapalooza show at the Hard Rock Cafe and selected as Filter Magazine's unsigned band of the month for July 2011 and featured in their winter 2011 hardcopy. Indeed, the band shows no signs of slowing down. In December 2011, they entered the studio to record their first studio EP "Mimic". After it's release on February 12, 2012 "Mimic" continues to garner accolades from music blogs, magazines, and radio shows, both nationally and internationally—and perhaps most rewardingly, from some of their own favorite bands and influences. Yet, despite the almost otherworldly level of attention they've received in such a short time, the band remains grounded and unified by a shared love of music and a focused, workmanlike approach to their craft.

"Filter Magazine is excited to introduce our next installment to the Discover The Undiscovered family; please meet Cold Blue Kid. Hailing from Chicago, the 5 piece band fronted by Alex Longoria creates a beautiful blend of guitars, effect pedals, drum machine beats, with a collection of poetry and a whole lot of imagination."
— Staff, Filter Magazine

"The group played their first show back in March 2011 and began working the follow up to Alex's debut album back in November. The result is a 6-track ep that is a force in melodic guitar rock."
- The Deli Magazine

"Cold Blue Kid manage to suspend their moodiness in an ethereal timbre. There are points of darkness here, to be sure, but they're hanging in shafts of light. The melancholy remains absolutely weightless. It's not easy to float sadness into the upper atmosphere, but that's exactly what Cold Blue Kid does best of all."
— Sasha Geffen, Windy City Rock

"From the very beginning of our listening session(s), a growing sense of JAMC influence gives way to lightly threaded hints of New Order that seem to float out into an open sea of Scandinavian pop inspiration. All similarities aside, the occasional and unexpected launch of drifting guitars lay claim to a rare sweet spot in the ear, leaving our minds on the sun-drenched lawn of an imaginary summer music festival. Impressive new music from a band we hope to follow up on. "
— 4casey4, Milk Milk Lemonade

"Emotionally charged dream pop. That is what I would define Cold Blue Kid's, Mimic, as being. It's very atmospheric and vivid. Each song radiates a glimmer that is absolutely mesmerizing. A treat echoing from the streets of Chicago."
— Lovecat, Dingus


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