Crez DeeDee

Crez DeeDee

Crez played in a bunch of bands that didn't get too famous. So did Layn Jynn.

What a shame.

The two met by chance, and that's what took. After a long, arduous drummer hunt, filled with many days without a drummer at all, Mars Daxwell came into the picture. The rest is romance and rehearsal. They practice in a small, good sounding room with light up pigs hanging from the ceiling. They sound like a rock n roll band, like blues, balls and babes.


Crez DeeDee is really just about rock n roll. They sound like they're supposed to be from another time, although no one's sure which. They are the logical extension of the rock that came before.

Crez will tell you they want to be a pop band played by blues musicians through rock instruments, but really they're a rock band that writes songs with choruses. No riff stacking.

Layn will tell you that they're really just interested in rock n roll as a whole, not a as a secular deal. Just a pure expression of the groundwork that came before, played by the boys we've got now.

Mars will say it rocks, because it does.

Rio Rio is a five-piece San Francisco indie-pop band with hook-laden vocal melodies, cinematic keyboards, nimble guitar work, and singalong choruses all wrapped in a tight, danceable package that is winning over fans across the San Francisco Bay Area.

They've drawn comparisons to bands such as Passion Pit, We Are Scientists, and Two Door Cinema Club.

When their singles “Gorilla Gorilla” and “Last Flight” garnered over 65,000 plays across Hype Machine affiliated blogs like Indie Shuffle and It's All Indie, they were featured in a Nike video and chosen to headline NBC Bay Area's first ever monthly music showcase, The City: SF Sounds. The band played an opening slot before a sold-out crowd.

The NBC show – sponsored by Jack Daniels and San Francisco's Alice 97.3 FM – was such a success that only a month later, Rio Rio headlined NBC's next event at an even larger club and played to another capacity crowd – this time, their own. Maybe it's the songs, maybe it's the show, but Rio Rio is a band that knows how to win over fans.

Rio Rio has also played around San Francisco and Oakland at venues like Bottom of the Hill, Monarch, 50 Mason, Thee Parkside, RockIt Room (Neck of the Woods), Stork Club, and more.

Recently, they've taken this momentum into the studio with Andy Freeman (Eisley, Manchester Orchestra) and recorded an EP for release in Fall 2013.


When you hear the name Warbler, think of a folk-programmed bionic song-bird perched with joyful simplicity on the fresh rubble of a musical Apocalypse. Warbler's self-titled album, the second effort of singer/songwriter Sean Sullivan, is an enjoyably off-putting cocktail of pure organic spirit set on electric fire.

Your Cannons

Your Cannons are a rock band from San Francisco. Most of them met in the kitchen at an ugly sweater party, when they got into an eggnog infused conversation about the reformation of The Verve. It was a love in from then on.

In 2008 they released their debut recording, The Dustbowl EP, followed in 2010 by their second EP simply titled, EP2. With members from England, Sweden, Colorado and the Bay Area, they pool their diverse influences to build songs around a dynamic three guitar attack, tight rhythm and layered melody.

It’s been said that they have, “an otherworldly sound, like, a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights."

They will be releasing their first LP in early 2013.



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