Immerse yourself in the ambitious, dreams, sorrows and joys of women! Confessions of a Belly Dancer © is a collection of vignettes telling the personal stories of real women by oriental (belly) dancers from around the world. These real life experiences are spoken through the ancient art form of oriental (belly) dance.

- Electrifying, never before seen, choreography by Raksanna and Momo Kadous
- Beautiful music by award winning composer and voting member of the Grammy Awards, Dr. Samy Farag
- Original compositions by international composer and dancer Jehan Kamal
- Mesmerizing performances by the international cast, Raksanna's Near East Dance Ensemble

In her travels around the world as a professional oriental (belly) dancer, Raksanna has met women in all stages of life and from all backgrounds. She has collected the confessions from women with one thing in common...the dance. Join women from around the world who have experienced first-hand the life changing, transformational power of the ancient art of belly dance. Share their laughter and tears...and who knows, perhaps you too will feel the longing to confess.

Confessions of a Belly Dancer © is the theatrical adaptation of the book written by international belly dance star, Raksanna.

$17.50 - $65.00


VIP Ticket includes pre-show party starting at 6:30pm with live music and dancing from artists appearing in the show. It also features Raksanna herself signing copies of her book. This show portrays actual life events. Some material may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion advised. Explore to discover more! Buy the book at

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