Full Service

Full Service

Full Service is the musical calm and the storm. Splitting time touring the USA as a living-room acoustic folk rock act and a big-stage heavy rock band, Full Service means promotional creativity, musical elasticity, and most importantly making new friends and fans!

Cheezy and the Crackers

Music is our way of life. We eat, sleep, breathe and smoke it. Cheezy and the Crackers is a sweet blend of rock, reggae, and hip hop. Its about having a good time, being an individual and being original. We feel it, hope you do too!

"Don't Talk About It, Be About It"!!!

We are all over the internet. Not only can you stay up on us here on Facebook, but you can follow us at cheezyandthecrackers.com as well as Myspace, Twitter, ReverbNation and YouTube. You can contact us at crackersmanagement@gmail.com if you are interested in booking us for a show, party, private event or if you just want to chat with some real people. Cheezy and the Crackers!!

The Real Feel

Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, The Real Feel is the next dynamic beast from the East, assembling an impressive lineup of four lifelong musicians and friends to generate an amazing sound which resonates from coast to coast. While dominating their local performance markets in Philadelphia and New York, the band quickly released their debut record in February 2010, Feel This…, which rapidly furthered the stir amongst fans around the area by establishing their prowess with effectively fusing rock, funk, soul, and reggae.

Comprised of a core of high school or college friends and long term musical fanatics, The Real Feel has soared by leaps and bounds since their inception in January 2009. Lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player Jared Loss brings his considerable touring experience with previous projects to the table, and also runs his own lesson and recording studio outside Philadelphia. Lead guitarist Will Maher and bassist Eddie Boate have performed with Loss since high school, adding to the group's gelled chemistry, along with their trademark electrifying solos and grooving bass lines. Rounding out The Real Feel lineup is Tom Cladek, who provides a concrete solid thumping rhythm on the drums, which solidifies him as the crucial heartbeat of the group.

In their local scene, known as one of the more widespread and enthusiastic music markets in the Northeast, The Real Feel is spreading like wildfire across Philadelphia while racking up numerous performances at popular venues around the city. The Kimmel Center, World Café Live, Penn's Landing, The Trocadero Theatre, and Love Park are just a few spots this four piece funky rock fusion unit has hit, as well as venues throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Their tireless work ethic continues to prevail, as The Real Feel is consistently writing new material while preparing for recording and releasing a new album in the coming year. New bookings are also underway, with the band scheduling upcoming shows scattered throughout the Northeast. There's always something fresh and exciting on the horizon, as this is one band sure to keep fans hungry for more while delivering consecutive bursts of inspired, funky rock.

Visit The Real Feel's official website, MySpace, or Facebook for further information and streaming audio, as well as photos and merchandise. Feel This… is available through digital outlets such as iTunes now, with free samples on the group's website.



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