Bellyqueen Presents “Journey Along the Silk Road”

Kaeshi Chai

Bellyqueen, a NY based professional world-fusion dance company celebrates it's 15th anniversary with “Journey Along the Silk Road”, a full length dance theater show about a princess who travels along this ancient trade route linking east to west, in search of 3 ingredients to create medicine to save her dying mother, the Empress.

Bellyqueen Artistic Director and Co-Founder: Kaeshi Chai

Bellyqueen Core: Sandralis Gines, Elisheva, Irina Akulenko, Maki Moves, Natalie Nazario

Bellyqueen Alumni: Amar Gamal (MA), Anasma (France), Susan Frankovich (CA),Cara West, Ashley Bull (FL)

Special Guests: Shoshanna Estell (GA), Cristina Gadea (Spain), Antonina Canal (Colombia)

Chorus: Sherrilyn Befreiung, Krista Sassani, Tania Boheme, Kaori Tokuoka, Maitane Ortiz, Daisy Valvidia, Jennifer Galeano, Regina Kanhai, Lucia Travaglino, Juni Shimizu, Marilyn Ladewig, Mikat Villavicencio.

$35.00 - $40.00


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