In La Kesh

In La Kesh

Established in January of 2013, In La Kesh brings a seasoned lineup of musicians and a massive repertoire of original and cover material. Perhaps most easily described as a "jamband", In La Kesh pulls from a variety of influences. Known not only for their countless original tunes, you can also hear In La Kesh covering The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and other "kind" music extensively. Be sure to expect something different and refreshing every show.

Borrowed Bicycle

orrowed Bicycle is a five-piece grassroots ensemble that is based around Rock, Funk, Folk, Reggae, bluegrass and Jazz music. Yet the music goes beyond the general limitations of those genres and creates a sound uniquely performed. With drone keys, and growling saxaphone the band displays a new age approach to a soulful sound. The expressions of the drums are absolutely whimsical, but fall back into grooves that everyone can love. Borrowed Bicycle emphasises on soulful vocals and harmonies. This band is heavily steeped in the American Improvisational process, but brings a good form a structure to its expressions as artists. Imagination, culture, and songwriting is where we pedal our way through the music and create earthly sounds of wonder.

Mallory Lennon Simmermon

Mallory Lennon is the siren of the folk/rock scene in Chicago. Her penchant for the written word along with an undying love for sound and life make her a musical talent to be seen.



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