Jukebox of the Dead...Reanimated!

Jukebox of the Dead...Reanimated!

Detholz! present:
Jukebox of the Dead...Reanimated!

featuring performances by Detholz! and Manishevitz

After two years of silence, local sextet, DETHOLZ! will reform this October to curate "Jukebox of the Dead... Reanimated!" on Halloween, a night of adult contemporary and soft rock favorites retooled for a funereal setting: "All the songs you love to hate to love." Detholz! plan to reprise the original "Jukebox of the Dead" show from 2001.

Manishevtiz will "reanimate" and join Detholz! for their first show in 7 years. The band will perform their most celebrated record "City Life" (Jagjaguwar) in honor of its 10 year anniversary.


Over its 15-year history, Detholz! has liberally borrowed and appropriated music from many genres. The result is something that has consistently defied easy categorization and always produced the strongest of reactions, including accusations and threats of arrest for 'Satanic Worship', prayer circles at shows both for and against the band, and heated (sometimes physical) exchanges pitting fans vs. detractors (and sometimes fans vs. fans).


Manishevitz was a band of unique qualities. They brushed with fame, enjoyed raves from heavyweight critics, earned the admiration of their peers, and built a devout following, all while in the shadows of Chicago's musical landscape. Their music was unconventional and brainy. It was an exuberant celebration drifting into the cosmos itself, carrying with it timeless waves of well-mannered, truant, and thoroughly singular rhythms--all characteristics in parallel with the branding, 'cult status.'


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