Youth In A Roman Field

Youth In A Roman Field

youth in a roman field is the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter claire wellin. the band includes several gorgeous collaborators in scott stangland, tiffany topol, and arielle bess luckmann. the sound comprises guitar, violin, ukelele, accordion, trumpet, flute, percussion, and voices. the band is based in chicago, il and is currently recording their first album at the foxhole in chicago il. they released their self-titled debut EP on january 12, 2013.

Kelsey Wild

Born: 1990 in Honolulu USA
Piano lessons: 1996-2002
Writing music since 2004
I have a cat, a dog, a goldfish named Nancy Kerrigan. I like to roller skate, I have a scar on my left index finger from a box-cutter, I love coffee, I hate licorice, and I don't like to dance except when the music's good and I'm with friends who are also bad at dancing.
I love to play and write music, but not all the time. It's a relationship with highs and lows, plagued by doubt and frustration but always good enough to keep going. I read an essay by Ray Bradbury once about how art is created because of the artist's ego, and I think that's true. I try to find other reasons so I don't feel so guilty.
I like the ocean and I like to walk places.



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