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Party Supplies

Party Supplies is the stage name of Justin Nealis, a Queens-born producer and literal one man band whose handmade MPC symphonies and heartfelt stage presence blend hip-hop energy with anthemic indie hooks. His homegrown remixes for Arcade Fire and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros turn festival favorites into cut and paste epics, and his production work for the likes of Action Bronson and Das Racist prove his boom-bap bonafides. Yet on original tracks like "Workin Out" and "Going Hard Forever" (from his forthcoming debut LP on Fool's Gold), both sides of Party Supplies combine for yearning singalongs over propulsive live drum machine beats. It's a show that must be seen to be believed, and has made fans-for-life out of the thousands who have already caught PS in action at Fool's Gold parties all year long. This is classic rock from the future, don't get left behind...

Night Panther

Night Panther is a pop disco band founded by two best friends, Farzad Houshiarnejad and Mike Cammarata as an outlet for their youth. Fueled by sex, synths and Phil Collins, an 8 track lp soon followed.

The Pluto Moons


(Former meth lab) would prove fertile soil for new directions and allergic reactions. Cavernous reverb would emerge only to be inexplicably crushed by 808s and glass marimbas.

It would be the better part of a year before the songs would come together, during which time a live show became feasible through the alliances with most-favored-nations Bodhi Landa and Eliza Walton.

Over 2010, repeated encounters with Life 2.0 led to the compilation of "Look And Feel," an extended player that draws as much from icy, rigid machinescapes as mid-60s pop timeshares for codependent androids.



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