Onward, etc.

Onward, ETC.

Onward, etc. is a musical project put together by Rosco Wuestewald. Leaving the midwest at an early age, he started a journey traveling around the world which has developed into a project known as Onward, etc. The project connects musicians located throughout the country, enabling each tour and show be completely unique based on the different band members and the location of the stage. As with anything alive with electricity, permanent members have been picked up along the way. Wuestewald met violin player, KC Olsen, on an excursion in Hawaii in 2009. KC joined Rosco for a gig that evolved Onward, etc. into an unfaltering duo. Their live performances proved to be captivating as Wuestewald's voice carried out his heart wrenching lyrics accompanied by his punk rock roots and Olsen's stage jumping antics. The pair found themselves in the state of Washington and in the company of percussionist, Tom Pearson in 2011. Pearson's ability to match style with soul awakening sound of Onward, etc. earned him a permanent position and retired Wuestewald's suitcase percussion. The Onward, etc. project has been successful as the trio has acquired components and companions in Alaska, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, New York City, Los Angeles, Oregon, and Hawaii. They have played with a dream-come-true list of bands featuring: Larry and His Flask, Skinny Lister, Lucero, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Goddamn Gallows, Reverend Horton Heat, and many more. They have been a part of Coachella and played Vans Warped Tour, SE Alaskan State Fair, and venues both intimate and rowdy throughout the U.S. This caught the eye of DC Jam Records who signed them in 2013. Onward, etc. lives by their name as they forge onward making a new album with DC Jam Records and Derek Obrien, gearing them up for another U.S. tour.

Steele & Colfax

Steele and Colfax is a unique rock band based out of Denver, CO. Consisting of four members from different musical backgrounds, S&C has found a sound all their own. Fifties and Sixties rock, southern blues and Motown have influenced the band heavily although each member had never previously dabbled in this particular style.

Though it is a collaborative effort, Steele and Colfax was born in the heart of lead guitarist Tyler Callihan. Raised on the southern style blues and rock of his native Nashville, TN, Callihan moved to Colorado in 2000. After playing in the Colorado music scene for many years, Tyler grew weary of the power-pop-rock music that had brought him success. This led him to the decision to stop pursuing a professional music career. That is, until he heard the voice of Tim Yunker.

From Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, Tim Yunker blends his obsession with various harmonies and A Capella pieces in creating his signature R&B/Soul sound. Tim grew up in a very musical household singing along to folk, jubilee, gospel and Motown. With an extremely wide vocal range, Tim has an unmistakably unique voice. Tyler and Tim started writing songs in 2011 but quickly realized they were lacking a crucial second voice for the sound they were aiming for.

Shelby Britton had been bouncing around the Colorado music scene for ten years before a chance encounter with Tyler Callihan that turned into a lasting friendship. Neither of the two knew at the time of their deep musical connection. After feeling jaded by the band experience, Shelby felt like a solo venture was in his best interest until the persistence of Tyler convinced him to sit down and listen to the concept recordings. Because of his early love of classic soul and Motown, he instantly fell in love with the new project.

Based on the fundamental premise, “Great friends making Great music”, S&C had a hard time finding a drummer that fit both their musical and personality qualities. The trio rented a practice studio to audition drummers using the unused drum set of Tyler’s younger brother, Dalton. Offering to learn the drum parts until the band found a more permanent member, Dalton surprised the band with his competence and work ethic. This earned him a spot as the fourth member.

As a uniquely evolving musical entity, the epitome of Steele and Colfax is best experienced live.

Jacob Russo

Jacob Russo hails from the acoustic corn fields of Western Colorado, but has since embraced the atmosphere of life in the city in his recent home of Denver. Although he calls the Front Range home, musical explorations have taken him far and wide, helping craft his unique blend of rustic indie-folk. These experiences forged melodic stylings, bringing to mind soft-focus sunsets and felt-tipped sensibilities. Jacob's live performances are tinged with a sort of hopeless honesty found only in the most genuine of folk musicians.

"If you don't want to feel the wind on your face, be at a Baptist church on Sunday morning, or be transported back to a time when all was innocence and possibility you probably don't want to listen to Jacob Russo."
-Peter Himmelman

Jacob has shared the bill with folk artists such as Gregory Ivan Isakov, SHEL and Caleb Hawley. He is a fixture of the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, having participated in the Songschool for a number of years. Notable venues such as the Boulder Theater and Belly Up Aspen have hosted his musical performances. Music from his 2011 release "Start Again Somewhere" was used in "where the Yellowstone Goes", an environmentally-conscious documentary by visionary filmmaker Hunter Weeks. Jacob currently lives and records in a basement apartment on Capitol Hill, spending his days composing clever ditties of inside jokes and moth-eaten references to modern culture.

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