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Solmenta is a 5 piece band that originated in Brooklyn/Queens N.Y. in 2010 with the goal to make music for the masses. Since they have started they have preformed countless of show with up comings acts, collaborated with featured artist and is building a reputable name for themselves as the future of music. Solmenta has a wide range of different elements to they style of playing such as Heavy rock, experimental, Folk,Funk,Hip Hop and groove fusion. Everyday Solmenta strives to make there music perfected to reach a broader audience by taking on challenging projects to be well seasoned for the future to come.


Denard Timarley Riley was born on February 22nd, 1985. He has a twin brother named Denardo grew up living the life of an army brat, constantly moving from place to place. At the age of 18 he collaborated with some friends and created a “diss” record aimed toward other rappers on his block, jokingly of course. While all in good fun, Riley soon learned from this experience. He realized he loved making music and wouldn’t stop until he’d create the perfect sound.

When he met Henry Da 9th, a producer from New York, he began taking music more seriously and considered it a major part of his future. He then formed the PLEH! Squad with Denardo (Aceteria!) and his cousin Tristan Parris. They collaborated and released a numerous mixtapes locally which quickly became popular around New York. After a two year break from PLEH!, Riley began his journey as a solo artist with his first project “Finally Say Finally”. Today, you can catch performing all around NYC at some of the most infamous venues. He just released his new EP titled “Pure Math” which is produced by Henry Da 9th.

Tattoo Money

Downtown Narrative Stories Set to The Sounds of Indie Rock with an 808!


...this bitch has got the bop.

The Lounge Act

No Johns

garage punk

The Marquee

"Dream Big & Dare to Fail"-Norman Vaughan.
We dream of living the dream, like every other band. We desire it, want it & fight for it. We scream through our instruments & play till we bleed. We welcome failure & learn from it. Loud, beautiful, melodic & sonic, we play rock music. We're The Marquee

New York City is the birth place of the up and coming rock band, The Marquee. The band came to life in 2011, when long time friends Maurice Alban and Carlos Jaramillo recorded an EP in a small Brooklyn studio. Months pass before they get the opportunity to meet William Pearson, a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from upstate NY; and Louis Cozza, a Philadelphia based drummer going to school in NYC. Once united, their love for music & strong chemistry lead the way to performing live in the city that never sleeps. Debuting them selves in Webster Hall's famous Marlin Room, and taking the summer of 2012 to stop at countless clubs and venues across New York, leaving a big impact on modern rock in NY.

In the fall of 2012, the band got the opportunity to record at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn. An exclusive studio sponsored by Converse Inc. There, they started the production of their upcoming EP due out early 2013.

*The Marquee has had the chance to be featured on Earbits Radio, Phonetic Bells, New York's The Music Building sponsored by The Deli Magazine, and on BandPage.

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