Greg Mattern, Money & King, Union Oil Company, Yard Sale

Greg Mattern

Greg Mattern, a New England born multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, released his debut album entitled 'Golden Days' in May 2013. A resident of New York City's Lower East Side, Mattern's 'Golden Days' ranges from the wide open sound of Radiohead to the crooning style of Richard Hawley

Money & King

Money & King’s two alternating front-men, composers, and co-producers, James Sparber (acoustic guitar) and Brandon Goldstein (drums), played in bands together while growing up in the town of Vienna, VA. After high school they parted ways to play music on opposite coasts: James, in Brooklyn, formed indie band Breakup Breakdown (Cordless/Warner) and (twice NYITA-nominated) avant-garde collective Colonna Sonora, while Brandon spent ten years in Los Angeles playing drums with various bands of LA's burgeoning indie folk and country scene including Merle Jagger. Upon Brandon moving to Brooklyn in 2010, the two reunited friends formed Money & King with bassist, backup singer and Seattle native, John Loggins. After two years of refining their sound playing live shows in New York and New Jersey, the band began work on their first full-length album, Across The Cul-De-Sac, an eclectic collection of ‘60s- and ‘70s-influenced indie-Americana songs driven by James and Brandon’s signature emphasis on interesting melodies and vocal harmonizing. Recorded by James Sparber in his Colonna Sonora Studio in Brooklyn, mixed by Anthony Puglisi at SENTRALL Sound in LA, the album features stunning leads and guest performances from such musicians as Tyler Cash (Henry Wolfe) on piano, Sean O’Brien (PAPA) on lap steel and mandolin, and LA country/jazz vocalist Kathleen Grace (Fleeting Heart). Across The Cul-De-Sac also features guest appearances from Jeff Mensch and Brady Bagger (both from Colonna Sonora), who have both since joined as full-time members of the band. James Sweitzer (electric guitar and mandolin) rounds out their live line-up, along with frequent guest appearances by Allie Langerak (back-up vocals) and Wyatt Tuzo (lap steel).

Union Oil Company

Union Oil Co is a new alt country rock band with a bluegrass heart leaning heavily on influences such as Uncle Tupelo, Gram Parsons, The Rolling Stones and John Hartford and featuring unique and original songs by Nate Parienti. The band features a rotating cast of both local and nationally touring veterans with a instrumentation consisting of pedal steel, organ/keys, drums, bass, two guitars and the occasional fiddle, mandolin, banjo and harmonica. The band focuses on a tight song structure but definitely likes to stretch out occasional solo breaks. Union Oil Co will be playing around the NYC metro and especially Brooklyn this fall and winter and will be in the studio in the spring to record a new record.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale formed one night when they was just trying to let the people know; let them know that they had some things to sell and a few stories to go along with 'em. They carry on this tradition through their music in a street barker's style and invite all you hoo-doo lovin' boot stompers to c'mon out to the jockey lot, bring a few items you don't need no more, a few dollars to make some change with, and put a few back while them Hudson River Boys keep you liquored up with a lil' of that home branded country soul.

$8.00 - $10.00


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