Bridges and Powerlines (as The Cure), Straight To Hell (as The Clash), New York's Finest (as The Police), MANCIE (as Joan Jett), Onesie (as Smashing Pumpkins), Steevy Dee (DJ Set)

Bridges and Powerlines (as The Cure)

In the decade that has followed 2001, the tone of life in New York City, and largely everywhere else, is often linked to a singular day. Bridges and Powerlines, a NYC based indie pop band, has been a bit obsessed with that lately. To start, their existence is largely due to that event; as four post-2001 NYC expats, Andrew Wood (keys/vocals), David Boyd (guitar/vocals), Keith Sigel (bass/vocals), and Mason Ingram, of Connecticut, Kentucky, North Carolina and Texas respectively, they were all drawn to the city out of the nostalgic goodwill that developed as the nation recovered. For four musically ambitious college radio devotees it didn't hurt that the city was beginning a rapidly blooming indie pop renaissance.

In the last two years, however, the band has begun to think more about how life had changed after 2001, and devoted much of their energy to writing songs about their memories of the late 90s -- remembrance of a confident, prosperous, naïve and ultimately unsustainable America. Their music is equal parts grandiosity and intimacy: psych-informed, experimental songs with chamber pop strings and horns, gospel-influenced percussion, dense backing vocals, looped guitar riffs and propulsive bass lines.

Citing indie forefathers the Zombies, Guided by Voices and the Elephant 6 Collective as a starting point, the band lovingly terms their music 'optimist fuzz pop'. Meeting in New York City in late 2005, the members of Bridges and Powerlines realized a common love for intricately arranged three-minute pop songs.

The debut EP that followed met with critical acclaim, described as "an exhilarating racket," (sixeyes) and "a taught example of why [Bridges and Powerlines] should be added to your list of bands to watch." ( The success of their EP attracted producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, The Walkmen, White Rabbits), and the band spent much of 2007 writing and recording their debut album "Ghost Types". The album then enjoyed a seven-week run in the CMJ top 200 and received favorable nods in multiple influential outlets from Pitchfork ("Now that's power") to Yahoo Music ("Incontrovertibly fun") to Popmatters ("A solid, catchy debut").

The lead singles from the record, "Uncalibrated," and from their self-titled debut EP in 2006, "Carmen," have been downloaded over 100,000 times. This was followed by several successful tours, two appearances at SXSW, and annual appearances at CMJ. Bridges and Powerlines has also played high-profile shows supporting friends The Antlers as well as Drink up Buttercup, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's and many others.

For the last year, however, they have been recording their follow-up album 'Eve', the culmination of their thoughts on life prior to the changes of 2001. With producer Kieran Kelley (known best for his work on Sufjan Stephens' 'Illinois') and a host of guests including members of Antony and the Johnsons, indie troubadour Will Stratton, and even their friend Steven Harris of 80s arena-legends the Cult, the band spent 3 months painstakingly creating the record "they wanted to make their whole lives."

The band is now heading out on tour prior to the February 1, 2011 release of 'Eve' on Stunning Models on Display records.

Straight To Hell (as The Clash)

The only Clash tribute band that matters

New York's Finest (as The Police)

Featuring Mark Rinzel (The Jupiter Deluxe, The Neutron Drivers and Bubble) - one of the few humans who can play bass and sing like 70's era Sting, New York's Finest boasts Oscar Bautista (Session musician, Broadway guitarist for "American Idiot" ) on guitar and Alan Camlet (Paul Collins Beat, Hoboken Recorders recording studio Producer/Engineer) on drums. They play with the intensity of the teenagers they were when cutting their teeth on The Police. Before the "Lute Album," before he lived in a castle, before the seven-hour yogic sex sessions, and before that Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, Sting was once cool. New York's Finest will remind you just how much you miss that guy

MANCIE (as Joan Jett)

MANCIE is a garage rock band led by Andrea Montgomery. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They've enthusiastically been called "The Runaways meet Black Sabbath" at a recent show on the up-and-coming New York concert circuit, and the comparison is clear when they bring their gritty distorted guitar parts and emotionally-driven rock sound to the stage.

Onesie (as Smashing Pumpkins)

Onesie plays the kind of smart, hooky guitar pop that has occasionally been filed under the endangered species list in the County of Kings. With one foot firmly planted in the Brit Pop songwriting traditions of the 80's and 90s, and another in the manic yowl of American punk and hardcore, the band deals in the currency of anthems written on the voyage towards modern adulthood, with eyes staring straight into the abyss of an uncertain future.

The project started as a cluster of home recorded guitar pop ditties by prime songwriter Ben Haberland (The Isles, Sport of Kings). As a part time collaborator in several side projects, Ben had the luxury of choosing some great rock warriors to bring into the fold; Matt Beckeymer (Sport of Kings) on keys and guitar, Zach Fanelli (Man Without Plan) on bass, and Finish transplant Tommi Fosstrom on drums (Echo Is Your Love).

The band is currently writing their debut album with hopes for a release in Fall 2013. Onesie demos can be heard right here, right now, right here:

Steevy Dee (DJ Set)

During the early 2000s, Steve D'Amato ran with a handful of colorful, talented kids who promoted boat and warehouse parties in the midwest and on the east coast. He soon found himself befriending and apprenticing under the artful DJs who fueled his many weekends on the dance floor. Wedded to his newly-found musical soulmate, Steve quickly mastered the art of spinning wax, and has only deepened his love and skill for the ones-and-twos by fully embracing music's imaginative digital evolution. He draws much inspiration from artists such as Bonobo, Flying Lotus, Frankie Bones, LCD Soundsystem, Mark Farina, and Thievery Corporation. When he gets to control your airwaves, Steevy Dee provides a sound and dance experience that cannot be replicated. When not performing live Steve teaches English Literature, but he also gets to bring his knowledge and passion for DJing to the classroom, where he helped pioneer his high school's first-ever course in DJ Arts!


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