Moving Sounds 2013 presents Klangkörper / Bodies of Sound

Moving Sounds 2013 presents Klangkörper / Bodies of Sound

Klangkörper—[claŋ cœr pɛr]

body of sound, the resonant body of an instrument, an orchestra

Part of Moving Sounds 2013 - curated by Michel Galante, Melanie Maar and Christopher Zimmerman


For the fifth consecutive year, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York is producing this annual festival dedicated to music, dance, visual media and aesthetic dialogue that features emerging and pioneering artists who focus on electronically generated music, and those who are at the interface of classically instrumented and electronic music.

Rachel Bernsen's 'After The Meadow, Before The Forest'

The Austrian Cultural Forum is pleased to present this performance by Rachel Bernsen and friends as part of the Moving Sounds 2013 festival.

After The Meadow, Before The Forest is part two of an ongoing exploration of the open spaces between minimalism and maximalism, structure and improvisation, and unison and independence as they relate to sound and movement.


Choreography by Rachel Bernsen in collaboration with Pamela Newell
Performers: Rachel Bernsen (dance), Pamela Newell (dance), Anne Rhodes (voice), Jean Carla Rodea (voice), Carl Testa (electronics)
Music composed by Carl Testa, Anne Rhodes and Jean Carla Rodea


Rachel Bernsen is an independent dance artist, dance educator and certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Her work has been shown at Danspace Project, Dance Theater Workshop, Roulette, The Chocolate Factory, The Vision Festival, Issue Project Room, Movement Research Spring Festival, Catch! Performance Series, The Poetry Project, The NOT Festival, Dixon Place, Jalopy Theater, ArtSpace New Haven, and Movement Research at the Judson Church. Rachel has also presented her work internationally in Belgium, Austria, Holland, Italy, and Germany. She is a member of Quartet Collective, who will be opening this year’s Moving Sounds Festival with a performance at the ACFNY on September 19. Rachel is also the founder of the performance space The BIG ROOM in New Haven, CT, and the curator of its interdisciplinary performance series, Take Your Time. >> More information:

Pamela Newell originally hails from Montréal where she was a vital member of the dance community as a choreographer, performer, educator, and writer for nearly twenty years. She has created over a dozen choreographic works, among them Being Susan Sontag (2006), and Ultreya! or my soul has legs (2004), and been a member of several improvisational collectives, including Chalk and the IMF. She toured the world for many years as a dancer and later rehearsal director for Compagnie Marie Chouinard, initiating documentation projects and setting works on other companies. Pam’s teaching engagements have included Concordia University (Montréal), Université du Québec à Montréal, and Harvard University

Vocalist Anne Rhodes performs a variety of experimental, improvised, and classical music, and has premiered more than thirty new solo and chamber works over the past decade. She is a member of Anthony Braxton’s Trillium Orchestra, Ghost Trance Choir, and Pine Top Aerial Music Sextet and performs as part of the duo Bruxism with Carl Testa and as a member of the Broadcloth trio, for which she creates unique embroidered scores. >> More information:

Brooklyn-based vocalist and improviser Jean Carla Rodea was born and raised in Mexico City. She has performed at the Vision Festival, Roulette, Kupferger Center for the Arts, Carnegie Hall, the Stone, etc. In addition to this, she leads her own projects - AZARES and Tres:nube. Jean Carla also works as a facilitator for children on the Autistic spectrum, as a music educator, and is pursuing studies in Anthropology and Photography.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Carl Testa is best known as the bassist in composer Anthony Braxton's groups with whom he has performed throughout the US and internationally. He regularly performs with Anthony Braxton's Septet, 12+1tet, and Trillium Orchestra. He also collaborates with composers Lou Guarino, Brian Parks, Adam Matlock, Nathan Bontrager, and Christopher Riggs. His latest release is IRIS (LockStep Records, 2013) for solo bass and electronics.

'Resonance' - Martín Lanz Landázuri, William “Bilwa” Costa, Emily Sweeney

Developed by William "Bilwa" Costa, Martín Lanz Landázuri, and Emily Sweeney, resonance explores figurative, physical, and mechanical phenomena related to resonance. The resonance score has emerged through the repeated exploration of methods for reverberating mindfully in improvisation. This performance, which is part of the 2013 Moving Sounds festival, features the current iteration of the resonance score performed by Bilwa, Martín, and Emily. Microphones, chalk lines, paper molecules, words, gestures, maps - all are used to trace expansions and contractions of energy and sound through the bodies and around the space. (Photo by Paula Court)


Martín Lanz Landázuri (México/NY), Movement Research AIR 09, has been using NYC as his pier since 2006. He looks for research opportunities, collaborations, and residencies to feed his work, and has done so in places such as México, New York, Cuba, Denmark, Uruguay, and Austria with a wide variety of teachers and collaborators.

William “Bilwa” Costa (US/DE) is a sound- and visual artist who improvises in collaboration with dance-, sound-, and visual artists. He is a founding member of the working groups Perpetual Movement Sound and Intercontinental Collaborations. Bilwa's most recent projects include: sub_space, an improvisation structure for dance, visual, and sound performance, which premiered in February 2013 at 100° Festival, Berlin; and sound/map, a collaboration with visual artist Aya Imamura.

Emily Sweeney (US/UK) is a movement artist, originally from Vermont, where she studied at Bennington College. Her current projects include: an adaptation of Dynamic, a solo score by Deborah Hay. She has performed works by Claudia Bosse/theatercombinat at Impulstanz Vienna, and with Emily Johnson/Catalyst Dance. Emily is pursuing an MA in Performance & Creative Research at the University of Roehampton in London.

Carol McGonnell


Andrea Bianconi, concept and video
Vanessa Tamburi, choreography
Franco Battiato, music (Gilgamesh opera in 2 acts)
Flusso Dance (3/4 dancers), performers

The project is based on Andrea Bianconi’s book ROMANCEand will include a video by the same artist, moving performers directed by the choreographer Vanessa Tamburi, and a new musical score composed by a contemporary electronic music composer. ROMANCE illustrates a segment of Bianconi’s stream of consciousness. In his book, each page incorporates several images revealing a representation of his thoughts as they appear in the mind. The text is traversed by an unreachable flow of meaning. There is a continuous relationship between each word, thus each image is connected to the next. His work has no beginning or end, but rather a circular narrative indicating a discourse-course that is crossed by an endless chain of association, void, surplus, lapsus. The project will be a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of intimacy and extroversion—an endless chain of associated signs projected on endless moving bodies.

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