The Vontons

The Vontons

The Vontons pummel you, leave you in the cold stiff air, then pick you up on the side of the road to bring you back home. Their style draws comparisons to Wire, QOTSA, Elbow, and Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, but remains unabashedly original. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Ryan Havers (Country Club & the Porn Horns/Claws of Paradise), the trio includes fellow Brooklynites Mike Straus (The Sweet Ones, Red Bedlam) and Josh Fleischmann (Israel Nash Gripka, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers). Their self-titled debut EP is equal parts elegant and angular, intertwining lush soundscapes and understated vocals with sandpaper guitars and pounding beats. The band balances soulful intimacy with sheer power, through skillfully crafted songs which soothe and incite.

The Vontons' debut EP was recorded in Hartford with Casa de Warrenton Recording Studio's Floyd Kellogg.


Influenced by the emotional roots of country, the confessional poetry of folk, and the spatial freedom of ambient and harmonic tones, Ponybird is the solo project of Jennifer Dauphinais, an evolving artist who translates something both introspective and infinite all at once. Both home-recorded releases, Climb Yourself Up, and Full Cold Moon, were chosen as Top Ten Releases of the Year by the New Haven Register. Listening to Ponybird, puts the audience on the verge of discovering .

Dauphinais is known for performing with folk-roots innovator, Christina Abbott in their duo, The Karner Blues, as well as heavy rock bands, Belle Starr, The Editors, and Spider & Fly. Dauphinais also wrote for the New Haven Advocate entertainment section, and hosted a radio show on WYBC 1340 AM with co-host Craig Gilbert. As Daylight Photography, she is best known for capturing bands behind the lens (see Crooked Hook's album cover The Captain Will Be Your Guide ) and continues to ghost write for local venues, labels, and independent bands.

Head with Wings

The sudden appearance of Head with Wings within their geographical area ironically resembles something of a “falling from the sky” phenomenon. Four gentlemen, born and raised on a diet of anthemic 90’s rock and artistic British gloom, seemingly came out of nowhere in 2012 to very quickly prove themselves as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking alternative music outlets in their region. It has never been a simple task, marrying emotional weight, sophistication, accessibility, and hunger for innovation in one’s art form—and Head with Wings do not scramble to rise to this challenge—it just happens. Worlds apart from the trends of the moment, and defiantly unique on even a world stage, the quartet brings their engrossing sound to life in a way that is unmissable on their debut EP, Living with the Loss.

Dr FKK (a.k.a. Omer Shemesh) is a composer/pianist residing in Brooklyn, NY. As a pianist, Omer plays/tours/records regularly with Adam Green, Lightspeed Champion, and Linfinity and co-led the garage pop band You Scream I Scream and jazz rock group Stalactite Party. As Dr FKK, Omer shows a different side of him, a naked side - "as a musician in many bands, youre always well clothed musically speaking.. with this project theres no one to tell me my clothes don’t match..” the music is a feast of short mostly odd time classical pieces and ambient interludes reminiscent sometimes of The Claudia Quintet, Steve Reich or Takagi Masakatsu among endless influences.

Omer has recorded at Hartford's Casa de Warrenton for his current solo project and as the original keyboard player for You Scream I Scream on the debut record, "Bug in a Light."

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