Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is a five piece pop punk band formed in September 2007 in Paris, France. Chunk… crosses multiple borders in musical genres to create an individual and unique sound that takes inspiration from Pop Punk, Metal, Indie and Hardcore music.

State Champs

Pure Noise Records

Living With Lions

A decent apartment is not an easy thing to find when moving to Vancouver, so when the soon to be members of Living with Lions moved in to their first Vancouver house, they never expected it would be so pivotal in the shaping of their next year. Having similar interests in music, beverages and fun, the boys and their house soon became known for their ruckus get-togethers and parties. A popular spot for any east Vancouver youth to let loose and have a good time, a title was soon given to the house so many had become familiar with: Dude Manor. Before long, the house-mates turned the basement into a jam space and studio, and the friends quickly found themselves with a solid line-up of songs and deemed themselves Living with Lions.

Leaving the basement behind for the road, August found the band touring through the Canadian Midwest with Smallman recording artists Daggermouth. On their return, the band jumped in to the studio and recorded 7 songs to be featured on their fittingly titled debut E.P, Dude Manor. After winning over a solid local fan-base, the Lions released Dude Manor and enjoyed two successful tours down the American West Coast.

As both the band and the neighbour's noise complaints became more serious, a move had to be made to a proper jam space. After the most epic of parties, Living with Lions moved out of Dude Manor leaving their first chapter behind.

We Were Sharks

The WE WERE SHARKS story is one of tenacity and passion, being told through crunchy guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks with pummeling drums. Since 2011, these Canadians have been dedicating their lives to pumping out tunes and tearing apart highways.

Straight out of the nation’s capital city Ottawa and collecting members from the far reaches of Eastern Canada, sextet WE WERE SHARKS is fronted by vocalist Randy Frobel, drummer Will Plummer, bassist Steve Creaturo, and is rounded out by the hat-trick attack of guitarists Jason Mooney, Josh King and Colin Jacques.

The music scene can be a funny thing, and no matter how large your city or country is, it’s a very small community. Aside from the lifelong friendship between King and Mooney, the members of WE WERE SHARKS all came together from touring in previous bands, staying connected, touring with one another’s bands, and everyone eventually finding Ottawa as their home.

WE WERE SHARKSself-released their debut LP, Highways, in 2012 and the band started gaining national notoriety and laid the foundation of a loyal fan base. The band then hooked up with Panic State Records and released 2015’s Not A Chance EP to extensive critical acclaim.

Even though these boys already have a lot of mileage under their belts, their book is far from written. Over the last few years, the band has shared the stage with peers such as State Champs, The Wonder Years, Beartooth, Andrew W.K. and many others. At this point, with their streams reaching over 2 million, it became apparent WE WERE SHARKS needed serious label support. Victory Records signed the band in 2017 and will release the band's new album Lost Touch.

Produced by Silverstein guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau and producer Sam Guaiana, Lost Touch is a nod to disconnecting from the comfort and recognition of normal daily life, the failure of intimate relationships, as well as close friendships. The dying household commonalities that are symbolized in the album artwork reflect the notion that as people, we all eventually lose touch with parts of our life.

“Working with Paul and Sam was an amazing experience, they helped us shine and paint a picture with colors we never quite saw, “confesses Mooney. “Their dedication, hard work, passion and ideas for this record made it feel like they were two other members in the band. When we listen to this record, we feel so proud and are antsy to show it to the world. We’re so excited for everyone to sing this record with us.”

Fans will get a chance to singalong as WE WERE SHARKS hit the road supporting A Wilhelm Scream’s 10 Year Career Suicide Tour, and will round out 2017 with a North American tour with Broadside, Carousel Kings and For The Win.

Lost Touch will be released on February 23, 2018.

Remember The Fire

Remember the Fire is a pop punk band from Ottawa, ON.



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