Somewhere between fantasy and reality, armed with an array of musical influences spanning rock, metal, classical, jazz, blues and beyond lies the essence and personality of the band Pyridial, a loud trio showing no boundaries with their technique and style.
After forming in May of 2011, Pyridial quickly established themselves as an instrumental metal band, marching right through the typical mud that slows many instrumental musicians. With an extremely intense live stage presence and music influenced by bands such as Tool, Buckethead, Meschugga, Porcupine tree and many others, Pyridial uses melody, pulse, dynamics, dissonance and other musical fabric to weave an energetic suspense that triggers emotion and lends itself to your imagination. Almost like a soundtrack for your thoughts.
Pyridial is riding a new wave of energy which can be interpreted personally by it's audiance, allowing anyone to connect to their music and overall messege of peace and individuality.

Attic Salt

Kansas City Rock band



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