Tara Elisha

Tara Elisha

Tara Elisha is a musician who likes to tell a story with her music. She holds a master's degree in music and she draws upon her experience with music theory to paint mental images of the topics she chooses to explore with her music. Her music is an observation of different elements of human behavior. She observes the good and the bad. She attempts to expose the different sides of human nature from the perspective of the character being observed. She writes these lyrics with a vague and ambiguous focus that allows the audience to insert themselves into the characters of her songs and let the song take on a personal meaning for each person. With a performance style that emphasizes the passions and agonies, the fears and joys, the selfless and selfish sides of our nature. She exposes many of the emotions that we all feel in our lives as we dream, love, endure pain, cause pain, appreciate, neglect, and basically survive

Til Willis

Legendary producer Willie Mitchell (Hi Records) once said of Til Willis, that he should have guessed he was Mississippi, but couldn't figure out where he got his sound from, because it was anything from Mississippi. Then he slapped Mr. Willis on the back, and said the big boys better watch their backs, because, "Til Willis ain't no waffle-pop".

In 2008 Til will release his sixth album, Rumors of A City. The album is a return to lyric driven rock, that while it may draw comparison to Springsteen or U2, it is all Til. A far cry from the Americana acoustic esthetic of 2006's Cindershine, Rumors of A City is as electric as metropolises it was recorded in. Six cities in fact were used to there fullest to birth this album: Memphis, Santa Cruz, Cotati, Denver, Ouray, and Sebastapool. In Memphis Til enlisted the talent of legendary horn player Wayne Jackson (of The Memphis Horns & The Mar-Keys), and Willie Mitchell to lay down horn parts for new songs such as Sensation and Studyin' The Rain.

2008 will also mark fifteen years that Til has been a performing singer/songwriter traveling high dirt roads, and low paved roads sharpening his craft and passion into a fine pointed spear. In that time Til has blazed through stages from San Francisco, CA to Nashville, TN, and all points in between with his powerful voice, inventive guitar work, and masterful, sometimes haunted, songs. Songs that echo a time when music meant something, and wasn't a disposable commodity. As a headliner Til comes across as fearless and vulnerable at the same time, reflecting not only the aloofness of a songwriter who is always looking down the road, but the empathy of a storyteller trying to make a connection. As an opening act, Til has shared the stage with the likes of The Subdudes, blues great Jesse Robinson, folk legend Pete Seeger, Fainting Goats, Mel Melton and the Whicked Mojos, and Dante Schmitz. John Magnie, of the Subdudes, has said that, "Til is a great songwriter with lyrics that seem to come from some place much older than his years."

When Til was a small boy riding in the car to his grandparent's house he heard Get Off of My Cloud by the Rolling Stones, and had an epiphany. It was that day that he committed himself to music, and that since of commitment runs through all that he creates. With the passion of a man with hellhounds on his trail Til has plowed his on row in fifteen short years, six albums, and well over five hundred live performances.

The Way Back

An indie band from Kansas City that fuses electronic music with rock elements and pop song structures.

The Way back consists of two seasoned musicians, Alex Ellis and Jeff Kinney, who are currently working on a five song EP to be released by Summer 2012, and a full length album to be released by the Fall of 2012



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