Cokegoat, Mexican Werewolf, Electric Hawk, Scientist


Featuring members of American Draft, Veterans, Masses, and High Wasted, COKEGOAT is an aggressive, 6 member metal oriented band founded in and by Chicago. Artfully combining elements of doom, stoner and blackened death metal with tasteful guitar licks, COKEGOAT wants to taste your outsides from the inside.

Mexican Werewolf

Turn this mother out...

Electric Hawk

They are a mystery and an enigma wrapped up inside of a conundrum, but at least they have a cool hawk design.


new album due out in june 28! produced by sanford parker!(nachtmystium, buried at sea, minsk)

Chicago born metal jazz/sludge/punk/experimental noise project featuring ex member of YAKUZA eric plonka (guitar/vox) and ex FIREISBORN members justin cape (drums) and patrick auclair (bass). Their new album 'advanced idea mechanics' produced by sanford parker who has done work for bands like,nachtmystium, voivod, bison a.d, and indian as well as being a member of nachtmystium, buried at sea, the high confessions and minsk. A.I.M includes guest appearances by stavros giannopolous ofTHE ATLAS MOTH, bruce lamont of YAKUZA and jeff lyman of DEAD SHERIFF. you will find some unconventional "metal" instrumentation on scientist's first effort like, saxaphones, piano and lap steel guitars and they make it work. they are a MUST SEE live band and absolutely destroy on stage. CHECK.THESE.GUYS.OUT.


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