La Misa Negra (Live Cumbia!)

La Misa Negra (Live Cumbia!)

La Misa Negra is an 8-piece band from Oakland, CA that plays a unique blend of 1950's and 60's style Cumbia and high-energy, Afro-Colombian dance music. Powered by horn and accordion-driven riffs, a raucous rhythm section and a vintage Colombian sound, La Misa Negra delivers a killer, live show that explodes with infectious dance grooves and punk rock energy. Since their live debut in the fall of 2011, La Misa Negra has toured extensively throughout California, playing shows and festivals with Celso Piña, Nortec Collective, La Santa Cecilia, Chico Trujillo, Sergent Garcia, Breakestra, Very Be Careful, B-Side Players, Souls of MIschief, Jarabe de Palo and many others. On the strength of their unique sound and wild shows, La Misa Negra has quickly gained a reputation as one of the Bay Area's most exciting live bands and, in the process, is on their way to building a diverse fan base that transcends musical, cultural and generational divides. Their debut album, Misa de Medianoche, is slated for a September 2013 release.

They call themselves “La Chamba.” It means to put in work.

La Chamba began with a love and respect for Peruvian Chicha music. Its deep Amazonian Cumbia, Salsa and Afro-Latin groove along with the psychedelic feel instantly inspired La Chamba to create a unique and hybrid Los Angeles Chicha sound. They were moved not only by Chicha's personal and social message, but by the parallels that exist in the pulse of barrios across Latino America.

Born into humble working-class Los Angeles communities, La Chamba amplifies the realities that make them who they are by adding a rhythm to the daily bustle of life.

Their audience is as much a part of their performance as they are. Encouraging and electrifying people to let loose, and release their grind on the dance floor…

$12 adv - $15 dos


Under 21 must buy $5 drink ticket at the door.

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