The Cordials is a four-piece Tucson music machine, cranking out everything from sultry rock to lilting country waltzes.
In early 2011, the Cordials were born through a flurry of writing: four songs in four days. Over the next year, the band expanded from two to three to its current incarnation of four members. With an expanded, collaborative set that ranges from surf to punk to soft, folky country, the Cordials have developed a broad draw. Their debut album, "Not Like Yesterday," was released in March of 2013.

The members are Laura Kepner-Adney, Courtney Robbins, Cristina Williams, and Winston Watson.

RIYL Sleater Kinney, the Breeders, the Pretenders


Take a pinch of desert blues, add a blend of Hip Hop and R&B mixed with some acoustic roots and you have yourself The Henry Co. It delves into different genres of music with punning lyrics and melodic guitars. Based here in Phoenix, The Henry Co. aims to bring some old school soul and spirit back to the valley of the sun for years to come. Stay tuned for more from The Henry Co.


Vivid, adventurous, fun loving, and strikingly transparent.

With emotive musings on the life of others and her own, Ree Boado brings a fresh and honest approach to Indie Pop with her compelling mix of ambient articulations and soulful outcries. Her lyrics reveal a unique perspective, having grown up in a family with a mentally ill father, whose delusions were the backdrop for her early years. "My songs tend to have a psychological element to them... I definitely like to challenge ideas that we hold to. When you grew up like I did, you kind of have to."

The self released album, Pretty Little Flies, is an optimistic reflection on the aftermath of such an upbringing, and the frailty of humanity in general.
This catharsis of music, search for meaning, and tenacity to rummage through the ruins to find the gems, will surely resonate with anyone who has sought to understand the confrontations of life.

Although Ree has been singing most of her life, the pursuit of a solo career began less than two years ago. Much of her experience was gained from co-writing, performing, and touring with two former rock bands, both of which saw some local success and radio play. Ree has shared the stage with acts such as Taking Back Sunday, Dear and the Headlights, Mr. Gnome, JJ Heller, New Year's Day, Sophie B. Hawkins, Envy on the Coast, and Obadiah Parker, and was recently named by Phoenix New Times music editor as "the most radio ready, local act going right now". Her contrasting history of pop, r&b, 80's soft rock, big band crooners, and 3 years of singing in a black gospel choir, have given her a rich vocal texture and musical style that makes for difficulty in comparisons.

Ree also heads up the Phoenix-based Indie Rock band, Dearspeak. They are currently in the studio, working on their second release due out in May.


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