Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive

How is it that something so unlikely can also be so infectious, so naturally exhilarating? Pulling in familiar elements and irreverently scrambling and recombining them, Lake Street Dive are at once jazz-schooled, DIY-motivated, and classically pop obsessed. Beginning with catchy songs that are by turns openhearted and wryly inquisitive, this northeastern quartet proceeds to inject them with an irresistible blend of abandon and precision. Composed of drummer Mike Calabrese, bassist Bridget Kearney, vocalist Rachael Price, and trumpet-wielding guitarist Mike "McDuck" Olson, Lake Street Dive encompasses a myriad of possibilities within its members' collective experiences, and the resultant music is a vivid, largely acoustic, groove-driven strain of indie-pop. Lake Street Dive makes the most of pop music virtues: solid, evocative song craft; propulsive grooves; and Price's disarming, forthright vocals. However, it's a personal strain of pop that is refracted through the band members' rich backgrounds: a sinewy Motown bass line is reborn with woody heft on Kearney's upright, Calabrese's drumming mixes timekeeping with more adventurous jazz-inflected outbursts, McDuck's nimble trumpet is an unexpectedly warm counterpoint to Price's singing. It all makes for a sound with familiar roots, but with a slant that is entirely their own.

Lake Street Dive is a staggering, monumental disc… There is real power, real magic on display here—a chemistry between the interplay of band members and an appreciation for a blend of genres that congeals here into something that can be pinpointed to past influences, yet remains one of a kind… Lake Street Dive is a gorgeous, tasteful,close-knit band of musicians, and the sounds that they purvey are something celebratory to behold." - PopMatters (9 STARS)

And the Kids

And The Kids is an always changing independent accessible unconscious existential folk rock glitter popsicle band from Northampton, MA. The band features the songwriting of Hannah Mohan (lead vocals, guitar, electric ukulele) and Rebecca Lasaponaro (drums, vocals). The two girls met in their grade 7 music class, and have been collaborating and developing the And The Kids' genre ever since. The group has had many line-up changes since the summer of 2011 when they launched the project under the name And The Kids And The Pirates. The name was shortened to And The Kids in spring of 2012 and their first official EP, Nothing Came First, was released six months later on December 6th, 2012. Currently playing with ATK is Megan Miller (synth, glockenspiel, vocals) who met Hannah and Rebecca at the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) in Goshen, MA at their women's recording and sound engineering program in August, 2011 and joined the band one year later. And The Kids' former members include Katie Bessie (vocals), Alex Viands (guitar), Paul Gelineau (guitar, bass, vocals) and Luke Averill (bass, vocals).

And The Kids has built their fan base mostly from busking on the streets of Northampton, and also from creating JamPony, an underground studio space and performance venue in Holyoke, MA run by Hannah and Rebecca from August 2011 to August 2012. And The Kids' sound can be described as youthful, rowdy, and quiet then suddenly loud then quiet again. They hope to inspire the hearts of all living beings of light and laughter one stage or sidewalk at a time.

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