GIRLS ROCK: A benefit for the Aids Foundation

Spider Heart

Lisa Weaklim's irreverent and haunted vocals ride over Rip's reverb soaked guitar, a mix of garage and surf-rock that drives the band's sound with influences that seem to come from everywhere from the Cramps to to The Kills.

The alchemical combination of their styles has given birth to something completely unique that's reminiscent of the 50s/60s but is firmly planted in the modern. Spider Heart sound like no other band.

Moon Fox

MoonFox is a bone clattering, boot stomping, San Francisco based rock and roll band. Formed in the embers of 2011 by songwriter and lyricist Danika Ingraham, the group is a vehicle for bringing her nightmares and fantasies to life through the ritual magick of song. Taking inspiration from the poetic anarchy of Patti Smith, the world weary cynicism of Tom Waits, and the hellish fury of Nick Cave, MoonFox seeks to forge a sound instantly recognizable and approachable, with a heavy dose of introspective and emotional lyrics that eat away at the psyche of the listener long after the music ends.

Fronted by the firecracker Ingraham, whose vocals lilt and moan like the echoes of a haunted whorehouse, the band is rounded out by the face melting leads of SF music veteran Stuart Ackridge (Flower Road, King Kong, Krayola Picasso, Too Hot To Bark, Naughty Women), the pulsating, shredding bass of Tommy Anderson (Electric Shepherd, The Love Dimension), and the relentless drum beats of Tyler Weeks.

With the release of their debut EP on the horizon, the streets of San Francisco are set to be filled with the lustful dead, riding jackalopes and howling at the moon, as they dance to the rhythm of damnation's waltz, called from the earth by MoonFox's siren song.

The Filthy Muddbloods

In Late 2010, Edwina ("Ed") and Mike, both lifetime musicians, attended a show together where the opening act was simply a female vocalist/bassist and a dude tweaking knobs behind a laptop. After some initial skepticism, they were won over, deciding to themselves, "Hey, we could do that!"

So they did, and recruited Edwina's son Zack into the fold for additional guitars and energy. The result was the Filthy Müdbloods, and they have already played several shows around the S.F. Bay Area.

Rachel Angel and the Revelations

Rachel Angel soon discovered what made time stop and how to make silence sing.

Host: Molly Sanchez



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