Stepdad formed in the summer of 2009 in Chicago when roommates Ryan McCarthy and ultramark began working on electro-pop recordings in their apartment. Beginning as a duo, the band first arrived at a modicum of mass exposure in 2010 through their theme song for web comic Axe Cop. The group relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan later that year and expanded their lineup to include bassist Alex Fives and drummer Jeremy Malvin. The group self-released their first EP Ordinaire digitally, and toured regionally in support of the release. Support slots for more established bands like Passion Pit and Fitz & the Tantrums helped bring Stepdad to the attention of more fans. By September of 2011, Ordinaire was re-released with two bonus tracks on Michigan/Brooklyn label Quite Scientific. The band continued to tour extensively and contributed another theme song to web series Top Rope. In 2012, the band completed work on debut full-length Wildlife Pop with Walkmen and Le Savy Fav producer Chris Zane. They signed to Warner Bros. subsidiary label Black Bell Records and the album was slated for release in June of 2012. In the summer of the album's release the band performed on Vans' Warped Tour, filling out their membership with multi-instrumentalist Nathan K.

Story of the Running Wolf

Story of the Running Wolf is an electro duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. A little bit retro, a little bit future, they blend 80's influences like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran with modern electro-dance elements, creating an infectious sound that's all their own. After playing their first show at a rooftop party in 2012, the band began developing a live show experience which has been described as a "John Hughes party on Neptune", replete with neon lasers, make-up, fog and feathers.

Los Angeles, CA electronic indie group Say Say base their sound off of analog synths, drum machines and ambient guitar. With classic tones , modern melodies and pop sensibility, Adam Reiter (vocals, guitar, synth) and Jesse Gurtis (Keys, programming) create music intended to bridge the gap of generations through sound. Say Say started out as a solo project for Reiter but quickly became a passion for Gurtis, who's DJ background helped to complete the sound. After searching for a new direction, Reiter found a love for analog synths at Floft studios owned by Producer and Engineer Chris Fudurich. "It (analog synths) seemed to open an entirely new world of sound that used to intimidate me but now inspires me." Reiter said. With an interesting take on pop melodies Say Say has you locked into their music from the first chord. Say Say will be releasing their debut album in mid 2013, which features the first single "Like An Animal."

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