1.21 Gigawatts Issue Release Party with Krill, LODRO, Slonk Donkerson, Darlings, White Bike, Eastern Hollows

Krill is a trio from somerville, MA, who play off-kilter little songs about dogs, spirit(s), and dogspirits. they aren't very tall, so don't expect anyone very tall.

Born in a cavernous Brooklyn warehouse in the winter of 2013, LODRO is branded with an ominous desolation. Fueled by the intricate and shadowy perspectives of Jeremy Cox, Jigmae Baer (both formerly of Royal Baths), and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), the trio has made their presence known through a blitzkrieg of brilliantly unsettling live shows and a small glimpse down what promises to be a deep rabbit hole of analog home recordings. The neo noir punk outfit recently announced they will release their first 7" on the newly-formed Tracer Sounds in October of 2013 - a mere nine months after their first performance.

Slonk Donkerson

Slonk Donkerson is a band consisting of Parker Silzer '12, Dylan VanDenHoeck and Zack O'Brien. They grew up together in a pristine slice of suburbia in NY called Pound Ridge, but Dylan warmly refers to it as "The Shire" because of its "lush and calm" nature. The band recorded a short EP Wyoma last year and just released their first full-length, self-titled LP this summer, both of which you can pick up now free on their website. In addition, they've recently played a few shows at local all-purpose-artsy-space AS220 as well as at similar venues in New York City.
While Slonk Donkerson officially formed about a year ago, its roots run much deeper. Parker, the guitarist, and Dylan, the bassist and lead singer, have been jamming together "for forever," according to Parker. Their previous musical projects leaned more toward the "folky, bearded, acoustic-guitar-strumming" side of the rock spectrum before they shaved off the facial hair and plugged in their axes. They recruited Zack, an old friend, to drum with them, and so Slonk Donkerson was born.
Parker and Dylan came up with the silly yet harmonious moniker "Slonk Donkerson" by "just sitting around giggling and making up weird titles," according to Parker. Little did they know that "slonk" according to Urban Dictionary.com can mean either: 1) "A very annoying person"; 2) "A sudden onset of tiredness"; or 3) "An enormous tird[sic] that clogs up the toilet," changing the band name into anything from a nonsensical surname to an ironic pun to a crass, vulgar statement. Nevertheless, the band prefers to consider the name holistically. Parker believes it fits them well. "That's us," he says. "We're earnest but we don't take ourselves too seriously."

Inspired by '80's alternative/punk bands like The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and Wipers, Slonk Donkerson's sound is strongly reminiscent of that era of coffee-stained wife beaters, shredded denim, and shoulder-length, unkempt hair—much like the mane Dylan sports now. On their self-titled LP, fuzzed out guitar, dark bass lines, and Dylan's at times melancholy, at times aggressive vocals mesh into an unfamiliar, off-kilter experience. "In It 4 the Chase" evokes a dark, chaotic ambiance while "Dumb" features an uptempo beat and punchy shouts that can easily pump up a crowd. In an increasingly cluttered music scene, Slonk Donkerson hopes to distinguish itself with solid songwriting and a "strong conceptual backing" that wields this dark punk aesthetic.
-Brown Daily Herald

Darlings have fathered and mothered a style of punk-splashed pop music with a fair helping of tongue-in-cheek songwriter and layers of fuzz. BestNewBands.com said of their 2010 EP Warma, " This is going to be my new go-to record when I want to just sit back, put on headphones at work and shirk my responsibilities. Warma is out now on Famous Class.... Keep an ear out for these guys."

White Bike

Eastern Hollows

Eastern Hollows are a Brooklyn band featuring Travis DeVries (vocals, guitar), Martin Glazier (vocals, guitar), Sean Gibbons (guitar), Brian Brennan (bass), and Jeremy Sampson (drums). Fascinated by the lush guitar pop of Ride and the Stone Roses, Eastern Hollows return to these bands' Nuggets-era touchstones to create a haunting blend of timeless jangle-psych, late-1980s Manchester and au courant Brooklyn.

A string of East Coast shows laid the groundwork for June's digital release of the EP Days Ahead, recorded this spring with engineer Chris Pace (Smoke and Mirrors) and mastered by Dan Millice (Engine Room Audio). Retreating to a warehouse space in Bushwick, Eastern Hollows emerged with a riveting suite of songs that fuse the rich texture of British shoegaze with the immediacy of classic pop. Eastern Hollows will record a full-length album this summer and will continue to play shows in and around Brooklyn in support of the new material.

Travis formed Eastern Hollows in the wake of the success of The Turn-ons, whom Spin listed as one of its ``100 Greatest Bands You (Probably) Never Heard.'' The Turn-ons played sold-out shows with The Strokes and Interpol and were touted by R.E.M.'s Peter Buck as his ``favorite new Seattle band'' [Q]. In 2009 Travis's solo project deVries released Death to God on Noise on Noise to widespread acclaim. Legendary producer Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Sufjan Stevens) declared the album ``fucking genius,'' The Deli called it ``a fine shoegaze-pop record,'' and Incendiary proclaimed it ``possibly the greatest Manchester album never to have been made in Manchester.''



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