Full Moon Vixen

Full Moon Vixen

full moon vixen is an origanal chicago collaboration of singer barbara bouboutsis writes lyrics and melodies and then justin voss gives it a tight beat, kant desai invents a bass line, while jennifer zlotow works it all out on the keys, katie voss layers on top with the loveliness of the violin and in the midst of all that David Duuger adds his color with driving guitar.

Rising from the dust of a near-fatal rollover accident while on tour in California last summer, Decker has completed their fourth record in as many years and has holed up in their red rock home of Sedona, AZ to prepare for a February 2013 nationwide launch for the new album, Slider.
Since the 2009 release of the band's debut album Long Days, the band has scrapped and grown, played hundreds of dates across the US and released two more albums (2010′s Long as the Night and 2011′s Broken Belts, Broken Bones) all the while refining their psychedelic desert folk sound.
Soldiering through the near-calamity, the band is a now tight unit of melody, atmosphere and space; not merely the brainchild of songwriter Brandon Decker.
Slider's release marks a newer, more complex sound for the band – think Beck's Sea Change meets The White Stripes meets The Arcade Fire. Decker crafts songs which find profundity in their naked sincerity. Not quite rock, not quite folk, the acoustic-based psychedelic Americana balladry draws upon a variety of influences; from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, from Cat Power to PJ Harvey. Yet in the end, his music is unique and uniquely him, and that is the offering.

Zapruder Point

Forlorn power pop. Exuberant electric folk. Fun tempered by introspection. Or is it the other way around? http://www.zapruderpoint.com/

Dann Morr

Dann Morr is a Chicago-based songwriter and musician. Since the 1990s he has been a singer and multi-instrumentalist for his own bands High Energy Physics, Wells-next-the-Sea, The Carlisles, and Analog Radio as well as bassist and backing vocalist for a number of other Windy City singer/songwriters, indie-rockers, and alt-country groups including Mooner, Kerosene Stars, Kevin Lee, Jimmy Byron, The Gear, Phil Angotti, and Tom Daily.

After more than twenty years of recording and performing with several different groups, Dann is currently preparing to record his first full-length solo album, to be released in 2014.

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