White Denim

White Denim

“It has taken five records to make one that sounds the way we do onstage,” says White Denim frontman James Petralli, explaining the bandʼs new full-length Corsicana Lemonade.

Set for release October 2013 via Downtown Records, Corsicana Lemonade puts
White Denimʼs freewheeling stage ethos to wax and cements their position as a quintessential, unique American rock band. Featuring production on two songs and a full mix from iconic songwriter Jeff Tweedy, itʼs a revelation, merging the group's manic live virtuosity into a rollicking ten-song mission statement.

The Austin, TX four-piece is no stranger to mixing crunchy punk energy,scorched psychedelia, Southern rock and knotty funk, but Corsicana Lemonade, the groupʼs fifth studio album, naturally covers so many bases that it plays like the greatest lost mixtape you could find on your dashboard during a hot summer afternoon.

Since its formation in 2005 and first string of EPs in 2007, White Denim has steadily expanded its sound. From the rootsy classicism of Last Day Of Summer (2010) and noisy sun-soaked sizzle of Fits (2009) to the soft-edged riffage of D (2011), the groupʼs commitment to fiery live performance, odd time signatures, textured exploration and blissful interludes has never wavered. It peaks on Corsicana Lemonade.

Nerves Junior

The music scene of Louisville is filled to the brim with talent and eccentricity, acting as the breeding ground of the post-rock movement via Slint and their many splinter groups. But the scene began feeling too content and needed a kick in the ass. The super fresh Nerves Junior are the men for the job, and are poised to permeate the rest of the country soon enough. Cory Wayne, Stuart Phelps, Christopher Snow, and Zackary O'Renick formed the group in 2009, sharing a love for fringe garage rock, crystalline pop songwriting, and racks of analog gear.
After line-up changes, life changes, and honing their craft, Nerves Junior release their mature and mind-melting As Bright As Your Night Light. Their nine-song debut is an expansive, eclectic collection of electronic-laden experimental rock with a hook-heavy edge and dense atmosphere, equally psychedelic and accessible. Dreamy, ambient meditations and waves of soft acoustic guitar on "Get Left in the Dark" and intimate down-the-rabbit-hole dirge of "Downtown Lament" represent one end of the group's repertoire, while the dark analog stomp and driving mid-tempo of "Kale" and soaring, intricate chorus of the title track showcases the group at their most bombastic. The group's flawless meshing of airborne, resplendent textures and infectious choruses hit a fever pitch on songs like "In Absentia" and "Champagne & Peaches," sure to cause fans of Deerhunter, Women, and similar boundary decimating artists perk their ears up.
Without compromise and immune to any and all trend-riding, Nerves Junior are paving their own path with a distinct spin on what's happening in the buzzband-a-minute indie culture. These guys are one to watch.

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