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Junkyard Band in 1980, a group of kids ages 8 to 11 living in a government housing project in Washington, D.C., were inspired to play music upon continually seeing performances of go-go bands in their neighborhood. Not having resources to buy traditional instruments, the kids scoured the "hood" to find what resources they could that would emulate real instruments. The resources they found obviously turned out to be junk - hubcaps, plastic buckets, crates, cans and old pots & pans. The group performed regularly in their housing project named Barry Farm; and after just a few performances the group was dubbed the name "Junkyard Band." In the early '80s (and at an early age for the members) Junkyard began performing on a regular basis as go-go music was increasing in popularity and the kids had perfected the craft art of performing. The band played at go-go concerts, schools, recreation centers, for civic organizations, fundraisers and government agencies. The band also performed on the streets of Washington, D.C., which is its claim to fame. Junkyard undoubtedly became a tourist attraction which led to the band's appearances in a TV commercial and two movies - "D.C. Cab" with Mr. T and "Tougher Than Leather" with Run-DMC. The band's popularity led to a recording contract with Russell Simmons' DefJam Records.



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