Gorilla Music Presents: Janes Reel, The Motifs, The Skagbyrds, The Ragstripes, Ascension of Akari, Giant's Knife, Moon Thief, and Shut In

Gorilla Music Presents

Join us as Gorilla shows come to rock us. It'll be massive!

Battle Of The Bands

Gorilla Music has been rocking Battle of the Bands, Music Festivals, and Killer Showcases since '06!

The Skagbyrds

The Skagbyrds were founded in early 2011 by Matthew Warner, Kevin Goeslling, and Patrick Quinlan, on the strong family values of punkrock and right to a bear. In mid-2011, Tim Switzer the legendary wondering ukeleleist was recruited to balance out the lineup. After Switzer's unfortunate death at the hands of a rogue woodchipper, Andrew Warner was hired with his payment being in small minnows. They recognize no authority besides the hiss/pop of a Coke being opened and girls who flutter their eyes. Though they have a wide variety of interests, they lean towards music that makes your parents shake their heads and say, "I weep for the future."

Moon Thief

Moon Thief is a Saint Louis based band that constructs and performs an assortment of sounds for your listening pleasure.

$8.00 - $10.00


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