The New Divide, Helios Hand, UNSAID (GA), Think Happy Thoughts

The New Divide

A Rock & Worship band from Vancouver Washington, The New Divide has been playing in the United States, Canada, & Europe since 2006.

Helios Hand

We are warrior brothers trying to show people that they can control their own beautiful minds. They can be humans. That they can be set free. Just like the bands that have set us free, we want to continue the mission.


Unsaid was a project started by Will Smith and Micah Mills in their 7th grade year. The band never really became a band until Jacob Highsmith and Easton Rowell joined in 9th grade 2010, creating a rock/punk/alternitive band. Will Smith wrote orginal songs for a demo that at that time had not been decided upon. The band has performed for crowds of 100 to 200 people. Unsaid continues to improve musically and performance-wise at each practice and gig. We released our self produced album "Hightops and a Sense of Humor" in december 2010 with plans to record another album in 2011. We are a fairly young band but their passion and love for making music, preforming live, recording together, and making our dream come true. Thats what keeps us a band moving foward.

Think Happy Thoughts

Think Happy Thoughts is a rock band from Jacksonville. We like writing songs and then playing them for people. So that's what we do.

$8.00 - $10.00


STANDING ROOM ONLY (with limited seating available)-NO LARGE BAGS-NO SMOKING IN VENUE-NO RE-ENTRY. Sound at the Murray Hill Theatre provided by AVL Productions

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