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Great Architect

Great Architect was formed in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2009, as an improvising group intent on exploring the fringes of all musics with an urgency and focus reflective of the modern condition. Originally a quartet, the lineup expanded to a sextet in early 2010.

Gradually, an emphasis on composition and structure came to the fore and Great Architect began turning out loose-limbed tunes that deal with a wide variety of topics: high-school fistfights overseen by teachers, slain South American revolutionaries, mendacity, pagan mythologies, the beautiful violence of calligraphy, kale, the Fantastic Four, and Amelia Earhart, among others....

Great Architect continues to be committed to experimentation. They have appeared in a 'Death Star' configuration - a 20-person group, largely guitarists, augmenting the core band - playing re-imagined versions of their music. In November of 2010, they performed their original score for The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1922), the earliest animated feature film, at Charlotte's Neighborhood Theatre.

The members are:

Andy Thewlis - alto saxophone
Casey Malone - guitar
Ben Kennedy - cello, violin
Michael Houseman - drums
Tyler Baum - lap steel
Brent Bagwell - tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet

Great Architect includes members of Yardwork, Joint Damage, Blossoms, Black Congo NC, US WIldlife, and The Eastern Seaboard.

Elroy Sugarthroat

Elroy seems to be yet another iteration in an ever growing species of self organizing, self sustaining and sentient biological systems known as human beings.

Like many humans, he breaths, sleeps, eats, and breeds. He also frequently noodles with a multitude of audio/visual gadgets and enjoys sharing the results with the universe at large.



18 up - Additional $5 surcharge for under 21 collected at door. Line up and set times subject to change.

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