Wishyunu (wish-u-new) is a drum/synth duo from Portland, OR. What started out as an improv/noise project in 2k8 gradually morphed into an atmospheric pop outfit. Their sound is described as having a “late-night, sci-fi vibe with ambience as thick as fog.” It’s like Stereolab with more smoke, less candy.

Soft Shadows

Raised in the misty, lush green of the Pacific Northwest, Soft Shadows is comprised of June Kang (lead guitar, vocals), Thuy-Duong Le (synthesizer, vocals) and Ryan Simon (guitar) from Portland, Oregon. Weary lo-fi over a thin vapor of reverb; smokey-incense vocals and slow-spun synths, evokes the imagery of "the part in 'Lost in Translation' when Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray’s character take a cab ride through Tokyo while 'Sometimes' by My Bloody Valentine plays in the background." Influenced by The Beatles, The Everly Brothers and the twangy nostalgia of spaghetti westerns, melody sit at the center of all their songs. Vintage synthesizers and drum machines coupled with the warmth of all Fender jazzmasters, jaguars and amplifiers create the sonic harmony of acoustic and electronic, one of the defining qualities of Soft Shadows.

Boys Beach

Don’t let the name confuse you, Boys Beach is hardly an auditory reflection of friends bouncing around beach ball during sunny summer times by the ocean. Formed in the early months of 2013, Boys Beach is a moderately bleak indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their sound is dynamic, multifaceted, and sonically verdant. Their musical endeavor is an attempt to reduce rock & roll to its barest components and discover new territory; focusing on accentuating what isn’t played, the space between the notes. Combining bludgeoning beats, malevolent guitars, lush bass and desperate falsetto vocals; the resulting sound in blown-out and desolate, but at times somehow hopeful. Boys Beach sees the band honing in on their various affinities for shoegaze, garage rock, electro pop, and the occult all at once, while delving into themes such as societal decline, love, loss and acceptances. They are currently in the process of recording their first full length, recording with local producer and sound engineer Jeff Bond at the Odditorium. They are set to release their debut LP in early 2014.



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