Floating waves and depth charges.

"The music and lyrics play off each other beautifully. There is an impressive amount of work on display here"
- Wasfuersohr (Germany)

"Sparse and beautiful"
- Pasta Primavera (US)

"Casiocountry från en våningssäng i Baltimore. Som ett nedmonterat Fleet Foxes på upptäcktsfärd i barnkammaren."

"Easygoing lo-fi pop with a really subtle, summery feel to it. A little psychedelic at some points which is always a good thing when pulled off right. Has a simple yet effective sound, with some interesting instrumentation that give each of the tracks a nice, unique touch."
- Polar Sunspots (US)

"Subtle psychedelic embers"
- Music Dissection (UK)

"Simple easy going "bedroom" tunez from Baltimore. Austin Tally's sound [possesses] this warm feeling that you get with a crisp air, a fire, wool blanket and good company."
- Head Underwater (US)

Sprouted from solo project remains, boredom, and strong desires to perform at proms and birthday parties...

Blossoms are a quartet from Charlotte, NC and have played shows and/or won the affection of:

Youth Lagoon, Brain f#, Lonnie Walker, Quiet Hooves, Future Islands, Bubbly Mommy Gun, The Curious Mystery, tonstartsbandht, The Hive Dwellers, Still Corners, Paint Fumes, Human Pippi Armstrong, Ed Schraders Music Beat, Joan of Arc, Naked Gods, Eternal Summers, Brilliant Colours, The Beets, Yardwork

Modern Primitives

Travis Phillips - Vox and Guitar, Darien Steege - Bass, Phillip Gripper - Drums

Chris Rigo and Sara English decided to start a band and write songs about comic book characters, magic , science and cats. Thus, SOLAR CAT was born!



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