Izzy and the Catastrophics

Izzy and the Catastrophics

Izzy and the Catastrophics seamlessly blends a massive catalog of 1950's Rock n' Roll, Classic Country, 1930's Swing, Surf and Bluegrass with their original material and natural finesse.

High energy and top level musicianship put Izzy and the Catastrophics at the forefront of the roots-based music scene, creating a sound that is both distinctly new and unique, yet stylishly familiar.

Gravel Kings

Known for upbeat songs and an energetic live set, the fellows in Gravel Kings can’t be swayed by auto-tune push buttons or fancy effect pedals. In a world where such vices have become a modern crutch to song writing, Gravel Kings defy props, relying on the roots of music itself and the simple sounds of strings to carry on a more traditional view of folk music.

Gravel Kings are currently touring and working on their first full length record, set to be released in July 2014 on Decades Records.

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