If there is a middle ground between Katy Perry and Bjork (or pop and experimental) in contemporary popular music, holychild is it. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, holychild’s latest music video, “Best Friends," was exclusively premiered by MTV Buzzworthy who named it the song of the summer. Their debut EP, Mind Speak, will be released in October 2013.

Finish Ticket

Finish Ticket is an alternative/indie pop band from the Bay Area. "They released their debut EP, Life Underwater, in September of 2009. The band has been receiving radio play since December and was recently named one of the top 10 local bands to watch out for in 2010 by Aaron Axelson who hosts Live 105's Radio Soundcheck. Finish Ticket was also showcased in late 2009 as one of the top five bands of the present San Francisco music scene." --East Bay Express

Natasha Kozaily

Natasha grew up on the small island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea, 180 miles south of Cuba and 195 miles west of Jamaica. Her parents being from opposite sides of the globe (her mother, a native Islander of Cayman, and her father, a Lebanese far from home) resulted in Natasha's deep love and curiosity for the world around which can be seen throughout her art and life.

A nomad and creative tour de force, Natasha embraces the arts in all its forms. Lover of the stage and theater, she honed her craft at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City where she graduated in 2007. She studied classical piano since the age of seven and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Cardiff University in Wales specializing in Ethnomusicology.

After graduating, Natasha moved to San Diego, California to record her debut album with talented producer and musician Chad Farran. The exploration of her culture identity is presented beautifully in her first debut album Between Shores, which was awarded Album of the Year by the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association. Celebrating the release of her album Between Shores, Natasha commenced a live tour through the Cayman Islands and Cuba, with her talented band from Southern California, playing for packed venues and organizing music workshops for the local community.

As an artist she has truly evolved since her debut album with the recent release of her new EP "A Tale of One Fish". In this release, Natasha's evolution as a songwriter and composer shine through in the unconventional rhythms, exotic melodies and poetic imagery of her lyrics. Her vocals and piano fuse beautifully with her diverse and innovative band members, guitarist Dusty Brough and drummer Julian Cantelm. Together they form a trio of enchanting music and awesome talent along with musicians David Carano on bass and Chad Farran on percussion and flute.

Natasha's current creative antics take place in San Diego, California where she now resides.


Monroe is a sophisticated approach towards the experiences of a relationship. Based out of southern California, this modern jazz ensemble was brought together by Ken Raymundo (singer/songwriter) in 2011, accompanied by his close high school friends, Andy Chabolla (drums/percussion), Chris Wellington (bassist), and Ali Kashani (guitarist). Inspired by cultural roots, the band ties the relaxing sounds of tradition with a modern twist. In July 2012, Monroe released their debut album "Take It Slow", as their first step of progression.



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