The American Professionals, The Real Numbers (9pm Set Time)

The American Professionals

The American Professionals take cleverly crafted songs of hope, love, guilt and fear, pepper them with melodic twists and lush harmonies, then shoot them out of a cannon at your earholes. Sometimes they get quiet, pretty, ethereal, even a bit spooky, then turn around and blow stuff up again.

For 2013, The Ampros bring their latest record “We Make It Our Business”, produced by Michael Romanowski at Coast Recorders in San Francisco, CA. No longer a one-man-band operation, this release features ten songs written and sung by both multi-instrumentalist Chuck Lindo and bass player, Cheryl Hendrickson, as well as a blistering cover of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ “The Way It Goes”.

The Real Numbers (9pm Set Time)

More than ten thousand bicyclists and pop music enthusiasts have watched the Real Numbers' light-hearted sixty second viral video homage to “the Wiggle” –a popular one-mile, zig-zagging bicycle route from Market Street to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. To coincide with 2013’s Bike to Work Day, The Real Numbers launched a brand new pop opus. Entitled “1-2-3-4-5”, the new CD features their popular PSA ode to the city’s favorite bicycle route “the Wiggle” as well as songs celebrating runaway guitars, Godzilla, and the catchiest tune you’ve heard about counting since Sesame Street.

The Real Numbers conjure an era of songwriting that may have come and gone from commercial airwaves, but is still carried on by the likes of Fountains of Wayne, Ben Folds and Fastball. Not afraid to embrace geekdom or plant tongue firmly in cheek, their smart yet smart-ass lyrics make mundane observations meaningful, amusing or both while catchy melodies stick like peanut butter to the roof of your skull.

“Tuneful, happy power pop of the highest order” –Power Pop Underground

Agony Aunts

What happens when indie-pop magicians KC Bowman, Karla Kane, Khoi Huynh, and Charlie Crabtree of The Corner Laughers form a mysterious psychedelic side project? They incorporate the impeccable songwriting, layered harmonies and inventive arrangements Corner Laughers fans know and love and add alter egos, flights of fancy, distinctly weird touches and a galaxy of friends-as-guest-stars including Gil Ray (Game Theory, The Loud Family), Anton Barbeau (Three Minute Tease) and Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels). In the grand tradition of XTC’s Dukes of Stratosphear, the result is Agony Aunts and they’ve come to blow your mind.

Critics called their 2010 debut “Greater Miranda” “brilliantly, wonderfully twisted stuff ... pure pop perfection” (Musoscribe). With their new record, “Big Cinnamon,” the enigmatic supergroup continues the tradition of kaleidoscopic, mind-bending melodies and genre-defying sounds first encountered in “Greater Miranda” but take a step further toward the goal of making the world a trippier place with their singular blend of bubblegum-meets-rock opera. There’s something for every listener: 60s sunshine chamber pop (“Twenty-four Mergansers”); Satanic show tunes (“Big Cinnamon”); smooth yacht rock (“You’re So Vague”); post-ironic anthems (“Cool Fresh Nights”); evangelistic psych-country (“Trouble Was Born”) and all places in between.

Agony Aunts are part of Northern California’s Mystery Lawn Music, the eclectic-yet-ever-infectious record label/collective that has in recent years released The Orange Peels’ “Sun Moon,” The Corner Laughers’ “Poppy Seeds,” and Alison Faith Levy’s “World of Wonder,” among others.

With no desire to shy away from bombast, Agony Aunts’ “Big Cinnamon” swirls around cosmic themes, revisionist history, universal questions and epic adventures. Push play and enjoy the journey.

Love Axe

In the spring of 2008, songwriter Chris Hatfield left his home state of Michigan and moved to the San Francisco Bay area in order to immerse himself in that region's ascendant music scene. Still in the midst of completing an album with long-time collaborator Heath Johnson, Hatfield embarked on a search for additional musicians who shared his musical perspectives and goals. After a year of searching, Hatfield joined forces with Austin ex-pat lead guitarist Erik Cline. The pair then recruited bassist Joelle Barrios, formerly of Tampa's Pagan Saints and Stitch. Almost complete, the group continued to look for their missing piece and found it when they stumbled upon veteran drummer and Philadelphia transplant Mike Ambs, former drummer for The Burning Brides, Marah and Philly psych-legends the Three4Tens. The immediate chemistry between the members of the new quartet resulted in a flood of original songs in a matter of weeks, which the group is road-testing in preparation for their forthcoming album while continuing to work on new material. Following their eagerly-received debut in San Francisco, Love Axe are currently planning a summer 2013 album.


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