Dylan Fox and The Wave, The Cabin Project, Wes Fox & The Loons

Dylan Fox and The Wave

Dylan Fox & The Wave are a two piece, fuzz-rock band from Oakland, CA. After a number of attempts at forming a full band lineup and playing with friends, the boys decided a duo would work just fine. They recently released an album titled: "Chasing Shadows", and are gearing up for string of live shows.

The Cabin Project

The Cabin Project is an orchestral indie pop band from the Portland whose sound stems from anthemic choruses, three-part harmonies, octave pedals, and string sections. The songs are musically expansive, yet retain an intimacy similar to that of The National, Bon Iver, Feist, and Warpaint.

Born in an attic studio lined with Douglas Fir, the band started as a project of Katie Sawicki, a former-folksinger from Brooklyn who became inspired by electric guitars, keys, synthesizers, and balancing all three onstage. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2008, Sawicki sought out musicians to collaborate with, leading her to musical partners Zanny Geffel, an orchestral drummer, rooted in jazz and percussion, with a preponderance for poetry and onstage mayhem and Rebekah Hanson, a PhD in viola recently turned onto delay and effects pedals, creating the band’s strings and bass section.

The Cabin Project released their second album, Heliotrope, this last October. The album came together after passing demos back and forth between coasts and collaborating with a variety of talented musicians from all over the country. The Cabin Project has worked hard to build the community of influences and collaborations that surround Heliotrope, and what results is a culminated sound that chimes earnest, reverent, and full of warmth. Their newest release, Sine, is an EP of songs taking the band’s indie rock sound to the next level. Currently, the band is recording their third full-length album, due to be released in Spring of 2016.

Wes Fox & The Loons

Wes Fox and the Loons is a Blues Rock band, based out of the East Bay in Northern California. You’ll come back every time to see these guys play, with front man Wes Fox’s refreshing old school sound and the band’s solid group of musicians you can’t help but sing along and rock out! Coming from all sorts of musical backgrounds the band has worked into a style of music that sounds oh so familiar and excitingly fresh! Were kickin it old school Wes Fox style, so make sure you swing by the website and we’ll see ya at the show!


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