Micky and The Motorcars

Micky and The Motorcars

Micky and the Motorcars, with their own band of Americana rock, bring an optimism and integrity only acquired after performing so long the only thing left to tell is the truth.
Eleven years and six albums after MMC was founded in Challis, Idaho, the band still writes more than 90 percent of its music as it defines the lives of brothers Micky Braun (vocals, acoustic guitar) Gary Braun (vocals, guit
ars, mandolin, harmonica) Joe Fladger (bass), Dustin Schafer (lead guitar) and Shane Vannerson (drums, percussion).
Micky and the Motorcars may be self-described as "a little rough around the edges," but with its rocking sound, MMC shares real thoughts, is full of depth, and has a honest, raw emotion and energy bleeding through Micky's heart straight out into the crowd. Anyone who has ever loved and lost or loved and drank or loved at all knows exactly where he's coming from and what he's talking about in a sincere, piercing way.
It's also made Micky one of the most sought after songwriting collaborators on the scene, and consequently MMC songs have credits to brother Willy Braun, Randy Rogers, Cody Canada, former Jack Ingram bassist Robert Kearns, as well as Kevin, Dustin and Savannah Welch. Throughout its tenure, MMC's Braun front men have been quoted repeatedly as "just wanting to play good songs."
For Micky and Gary, whose genetic musical legacy precedes them, playing and singing is damn near the only life they've ever known. The boys grew up in the Western mountains, playing music with their family: older brothers (Reckless Kelly's Willy and Cody Braun) and father (full-time musician, Muzzie Braun). The boys' paternal grandparents were both were full-time musicians as well, and the boys watched their father play in his own Braun brother band with their uncles Billy and Gary.
For MMC's Braun brothers, they hope to create their own legacy — of doing what feels good, what sounds right, and hoping it pays off. So far, it has. MMC has come a long way from playing for free and sleeping on random floors and couches.
Now, travelling nationwide more than 200 days year, the most rewarding thing for MMC is watching the raw emotion of the crowds. There's an excitement, Gary says, never really knowing how everything is going to work out. But the ups and downs of the road somehow make it all worthwhile for the Motorcars, who don't have any plans of slowing down.

Seth Candan

Seth started picking on the guitar early in high school, but at that time, it was just hobby to him. He was really inspired by the "Texas Country" scene, after attending a Fall Fandango concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, in The Woodlands, TX, with his older brother and his friends. After that, Seth was hooked and eventually found himself singing along and playing to artists he saw that day. He found himself writing songs and playing everyday, so he formed a band with some local classmates, and with just a few originals and a hand full of covers, they soon landed their first gig! They started out as a house band, opening for some big name bands every Sunday, at venue called Reno's, in Webster, TX .

After graduating high school, Seth moved up to College Station, and started doing some solo/acoustic acts at a few local bars, while attending school. By age 19, Seth released his first record, "Life", which consisted of 13 originals that he wrote between high school and leading into the end of his freshman year of college. Looking back, he sometimes feel he rushed the record, however, Seth looks at his writing on that record as a stepping stone, as if it tells a story about what he went through or who he was, at that time. So he stuck to his guns and took a chance being a Texas singer/songwriter and put school and everything else aside.

A lot has happened since then. In the Spring of 2010, Seth improved his live shows by getting a permanent band out of College Station, TX. "I'm so blessed that I found such talented musicians that have the same drive and passion as I do. They are now some of my closest friends, and I'm glad to share the stage with them." Seth spent a lot of time in 2010 in Mike McClure's basement recording his 2nd record, "The Aftermath", which was released October 26 and was produced by one of the Red Dirt founders himself, Mike McClure. He feels it's a big change from the "Life" album. "The Aftermath has a lot to do with how I've lived, and experienced crazy and fun times away from home, in college, over the past three years." His voice has matured, and this new record has a lot more groove. Many of his fans love his music because of its original mix of southern rock, blues, and country.

Seth has been nominated for two 2011 Texas Music Awards, including "Album of the Year" for The Aftermath, and he's released two singles from The Aftermath - "Alright (feat. Mike McClure)" and "Weekend's Gone". When you come out to a show, expect to stay on your feet! Seth makes sure to keep the groove going with harmonica solos in almost every song, which blend with his music's southern rock personality!

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