Tim Snider, Rodney Branigan

Tim Snider wanted to play violin from a very early age. An Itzhak Perlman performance on Sesame Street when he was just three years old was his earliest musical inspiration. It was classical music that first provided the impetus to learn the instrument. Over the years other influences came into play, from exposure to rock music (he dropped the violin and picked up a guitar), a Ben Harper gig turned him onto songwriting, and sojourns in Spain and Cuba introduced flamenco, salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms into his repertoire. Returning to college, he spent a year studying jazz, and rediscovering his love of classical music - and went back to the violin.

He shared bills with artists as diverse as Steel Pulse to Robert Randolph and the Family Band, as well as touring a large chunk of the world playing his own music, a world-folk-jazz hybrid that is aimed at the heart, the brain, and the feet.

Rodney Branigan

Artists are often described as having “a unique talent”; few epitomize this more than virtuosic guitarist Rodney Branigan. In fact, Texan-born Rodney’s talents as a musician are as plentiful as the many instruments he expertly plays side by side. The London based singer/songwriter masterfully plays two guitars at once or both guitar and piano simultaneously. However, it is his ability to mix this extraordinary skill with his own heartfelt lyrics and rich, soulful voice that have led to Rodney Branigan becoming one of the most followed global performers of the moment.

"The revelation of the year or even the decade" (Crossroads Magazine, France)

Natalie Gelman and Tiff Jimber

On tour together Natalie Gelman and Tiff Jimber are opening the show. Both praised in Music Connection Magazine recently: "Natalie Gelman is the poster-girl for the solo, storytelling singer-songwriter. ...this performer will likely always have a captive audience." "Tiff Jimber is a remarkably gifted and passionate piano player… you are left wanting more when the set is over. One word summed it up: fabulous." Don't miss them as they share songs and stories in the round.

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