In a simpler time, before Facebook, Twitter and cell phones, five special newborns were shat from their mother's wombs with a force and fury greater than any womb has ever seen. Stampeding through the cervix upon regal chariots and majestic white steeds, these children quickly developed into adulthood where they finally realized their divine purpose. To draw influence from reggae, rock, and hip-hop to create a new sound. Banded together throughout their journey to find this one of a kind sound, they resolved to simply refer to themselves as "UpRooted," and made it their goal to melt faces across the U.S.!

After their official formation in 2009, UpRooted has quickly broadened their fan base all throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and parts of Northern California. Their live show brings an infectious energy that is unmatched while performing a dynamic set that's sure to get their crowd singing and dancing along! While bound by a love of music, friendship and unity is UpRooted's driving force and source of inspiration. The band's front men, Casey Goode and Jonathan Lane, compose vocal melodies and rap verses that reflect a lyrical and rhythmic technicality unique to traditional reggae and hip-hop acts. Lead Guitarist, Eric Montgomery, masterfully layers thematically ingenious rifts, contributing a caliber of musicality that would be impressive to any listener while Tim Lawrence lays down tasty bass lines, ranging from smooth to slap. In 2011, former lead vocalist of the "Natives of a New Dawn," Tony Nouhan, joined UpRooted on the drums, taking the band to a whole other level.

Today, it seems that skies are the limit for UpRooted as they continue to grow their fan base by the day. Their first EP, recorded at the Den Recorders in Pasadena, CA, officially releases on iTunes in July of 2011 and is expected to be very well received. They can be seen performing at a variety of venues in Los Angeles and up and down the beautiful California coast. While they were born and raised in California's San Fernando Valley (except for Tony…he was born in Michigan and consequently ruined the little "theme" they had going), they have love in their hearts for the entire world and hope to circulate their sound to listeners everywhere!

Pilot Touhill

Pilot Touhill falls somewhere between Rock & Pop with Reggae influences. Catchy songs and soulful melodies that are completely honest and unedited like any private journal entry. Pilot captures the essence of reggae while retaining a modern pop songwriting style and holding it down with electronic drum beats.

Across Coves

We are a rock and roll band of four: Nick Podany, Brandon Warren, Matthew Devereaux, and Maxx Morando. We've opened for Maroon 5, and we're working our way up.

Daniel Bambaata Marley

Daniel Bambaata Marley‘s latest release, like his name itself, reflects two mighty musical legacies. Rooted in the reggae his grandfather Bob first spread around the world, the song explodes (tick-tick-boom) into a fusillade of bars that bounce between dancehall and hip hop cadences that would bring a smile to the face of the Universal Zulu Nation founder. As the eldest son of Ziggy Marley, Daniel is wary not to be pigeon-holed as some sort of carbon copy. No danger of that—he’s inherited his father’s taste for restless musical experimentation, and for a second-generation Jamaican youth raised in Miami, it’s only fitting that Daniel embodies a complex of cultural influences. “False prophets are prophesying on some shit they’ll never see / While watching television wondering who’s watching me,” Daniel rhymes on the gritty track, which presents a surprisingly bleak world view for a 25-year-old. “My aim is to love,” he asserts in the same verse before noting that “we’re the last of the Mohicans, the last of a dying breed.” Welcome to the new age.

The Routine

The Routine is an American Rock and Roll band formed in the spring of 2013. Front man Bryan Barbarin is backed up by a performance which glides across genres from Classic Rock, Blues, Soul, and World Beat, all seamlessly and with ease. In their own words “Its Rock and Roll to rattle your soul”.

The band was formed in the spring of 2013 when stage actor Bryan Barbarin moved away from the theatre and start playing music with childhood friend and local guitar teacher Russell Ramo. They leaped from playing acoustic covers in dive bars and restaurants to forming an original 5 piece band with the likes of bassist Nick Hein, drummer Dave Butterfield, and percussion player Eduardo Canelon.

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