Rachel & The Ruckus

Rachel & The Ruckus

The Mile High Blues society says, 'Rachel and the Ruckus is probably the best band you have not yet heard. They are a blues rock 'n' soul band that you have got to see. The band is tight and talented and Rachel Alena Kills it on vocals." Rachel and the Ruckus was voted #1 on the Reverb Nation pop charts for Boulder, CO (Jan & March 2014) as well as recently received the 'Gold Song A&R Award' from Beat 100 for the song "Leave Your Light On." The band was born in the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado in 2011 and brings a blend of killer pop original music infused with blues/rock to the Colorado music scene. This summer, they will be opening for Grammy nominated Ruthie Foster at the Crestone Music Festival as well as playing shows all over the state. Check their music out on Itunes, spottily or at www.rachelandtheruckus.com!

Treehouse Sanctum

Treehouse Sanctum is a rad new band from Denver, CO. Sounds like: rhythmic foot stomping Americana indie roots music with wicked male / female harmonies and poignant lyrics. Hard to categorize them in one genre as their songs drift from Dream Rock to Folk, from Alt-Country to hopping Avante-Pop. Their debut album is currently being crafted in studio and will be released this summer; catch their latest singles at

The Query

The Query is an acoustic folk/pop trio that is the result of the beautiful collaboration of Sam Golden (vocals, guitar, baritone ukulele), Jonathan Herring (vocals, cello), and Emily Kitchen (vocals, banjo). After the release of Golden's EP and music video Blackened Sky, on which Herring and Kitchen performed on, there was a mutual agreement that there was true chemistry in the trio's performance that needed to be explored. Since the formation of The Query, the trio has continued to provide intimate performances throughout Denver and have composed for independent films, which lead them to perform live at the Denver Silent Film Festival of 2011. The Query songs revolve around encouraging the broken by relating on poetic truth; the trio has the tendency to captivate their audience by their unusual complimentary instrumentation, genuine chemistry, and harmonization that will remind their listeners about the power of voice. The Query is currently recording their first album, which is soon to be released.

3Piece Special

In the early months of 2011, the founding members of 3Piece Special joined together to find their sound. With the diversity of the Denver area pulsing in their veins and the desire to grow into their intended form, 3Piece Special began to try and define a sound that spoke to their passion in music. Playing in and out, all around town, the gritty Rock n Roll venues began to inspire 3Piece Special. They began to see that it was the passion of Rock n Roll that drove them. The founding members come from a diverse background of Surf Rock, Metal, Thrash, and Punk, however none of these genres seemed to fit the passion within. It began to offend them when they would hear whispers and rumors that Rock N Roll was dead. So 3Piece Special set out on its journey to resurrect the spirit of Rock N Roll, with the starting point seemingly hidden deep within the roots, the birth-child of Rock n Roll. The birth-child that once took hold of the world back in the 50's and 60's. The idea was not to imitate, but actually retrace the early steps of Rock n Roll's spirit in an attempt to bring Rock n Roll properly into the modern world. From the birth-child of the 50's and 60's, to the underworld and into the modern world, 3Piece Special makes its ride, flirting with the flames of death that surround the holy spirit of Rock n Roll.

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