The Bellwethers, THE UNINVITED

The Bellwethers

Since hitting the Phoenix music scene nearly four years ago, The Bellwethers have been consistently performing edgy, high-energy, blues-influenced rock that has been lighting up the valley of the sun. Gigging everywhere from dive bars to marquee venues, the band boasts a collective dynamic of talented musicians from the East and West coasts.
Combining a broad brush of music styles with thought-provoking lyrics, the band cranks out soulful beats resulting in an artistic signature that is making them one of Phoenix's must-see acts. With influences ranging from Blondie to Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stones, the Bellwethers weave their way through multiple genres, belting out powerful performances underneath the bright desert lights.
The Bellwethers are the inspiration and brainchild of lead vocalist Fran Scianna, as he lays down the tell-tale blueprint for the band. Scianna incorporates various aspects of his life's musical journey with hard-charging guitar playing and preeminent songwriting talents. Kim Dangerous provides the supporting backing vocals and exudes the charisma and musical energy that compliments Scianna's rock and roll sensibility. Bassist Angel adds fuel to the fire with her groovy rhythm and bass guitar chops while Isabel Axten infuses atmospheric violin talents into the mix. Matt Cherrill is the powerhouse drummer that backs up the band and provides the musical backbone and timing from behind the kit.
Anyone who has the scene the band perform is well aware of their incendiary live shows. Think blues, power pop, and rock and roll tossed into a blender and turned on high. The band continues to expand its horizons, gaining new fans at each performance and generating enthusiastic reviews. Regularly playing out in the Phoenix music scene, the band has been featured on local radio stations and plays across the valley in clubs, for benefits and various event organizations.



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