Eric Bellinger

Los Angeles born and bred singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger’s destiny preceded him. Grandson of Jackson 5 hit making songwriter Bobby Day (Rockin’ Robin, Little Bitty Pretty One), Bellinger has been singing since he could speak.

Captain of his high school football team, the day came for Eric to choose between a scholarship to pursue a football career at the prestigious University of Southern California or follow his passion in music. Not long after making the difficult decision to turn down USC, Bellinger joined the R&B group AKNU (A Kind Never Understood) and was soon signed to Epic Records by two of the music industries most successful executives, Max Gousse and Tommy Mottola.

After experiencing success recording and touring with AKNU, Eric returned home to work on new music and discovered another passion, songwriting. The exceptionally gifted singer and rapper mastered his natural ability to instantly hear melody and rhythm under the guidance of childhood friend and mentor Erika Nuri of The Writing Camp. To date, his songs have been recorded by UK rapper Chipmunk, which also features Eric as a recording artist, Nickelodeon teen phenoms Big Time Rush, Universal Republic breakout star John Brown, Disney’s Selena Gomez and up and coming powerhouse Cymphonique.

A successful singer, songwriter, vocal producer and engineer Eric Bellinger is an all star talent who continues to deliver thought provoking lyrics with beautiful melodies over lush harmonies.

Marcus Moody

In an industry where hip-hop acts have become dispensable, Marcus Moody, aka PAYPA, is determined to secure his place among the greats. PAYPA grew up as a military-brat, and claimed home in the southside of Chicago where he was raised. Later, PAYPA and his parents would eventually make the move to Southern California. Overcoming the distance from home, PAYPA made sure he stuck with his Chicago roots. A weekend trip turned into spending summers and holidays in The Windy City, fueling him to represent his hometown with purpose. As far as music goes, PAYPA will tell you that he “just kind of fell into the music game.” When his younger brother passed away from kidney failure, Paypa was compelled to continue his brother’s legacy through music and performance. “My brother was the performer, and I was always the quiet and laidback one,” he recalls. Over the past ten years, Paypa vowed to make his mark in the music industry so that his brother could live on through his music. Now 26, Paypa is ready to share his story with the world.
PAYPA’s Fall 2009 mixtape release, 24 Hours from Greatness, gives his fans a taste of what’s to come. Slated for mid-2010, his debut album, entitled Feel Good Music, will showcase an evolution of PAYPA’s character, determination, and his ongoing journey through life. “That’s gonna be the project to look out for,” he says. “It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. You’re gonna laugh, cry, get mad, wanna fight, wanna party, and even wanna go to church.”



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