Matt Santry, Matt Cusson

Matt Santry

From fulltime social worker to fulltime musician, Matt Santry has made the unlikely transition from playing music for Autistic children to rocking audiences of loyal fans. Santry credits the years he spent working one-on-one with children with disabilities as a contributing factor to his ability to successfully create a connection with his current audiences.

Since 2006, Santry has performed over 500 live shows in venues from Los Angeles to New York and has been quickly grabbing nationwide attention. This Spring, look out for Santry's much anticipated sophomore release "Tin Ace City."

Matt Cusson

The humility that Matt Cusson exudes never hints at the wealth of talent that he embodies. Outwardly unassuming, magic happens as soon as Matt starts to sing. Matt has floored audiences with his vocal acrobatics, range, and control, but his one-of-a kind voice is only the beginning. Matt is also a highly accomplished pianist, guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and dancer.

Perhaps most importantly however, he writes songs that touch the listeners very soul. His music hits deep, with unique chord combinations, inspiring rhythms, and an uplifting message. It is difficult to place Matt's music into any specific category. His style is fresh, sophisticated, and unique. He credits Stevie Wonder, Djavan, Take 6, James Tayler, Miles Davis, and Nat King Cole heavily influencing his music, along with more contemporary artists such as Dave Matthews, Avishal Cohen, D'angelo and John Mayer (a friend from Berklee College of Music with whom Matt has played alongside.)

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