Vine Street Vibes, Robby Schechter & the Motion Detectors

Vine Street Vibes


Robby Schechter & the Motion Detectors

Since the bands impromptu formation for an African refugee benefit concert in September 2012, Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors have forged a name for themselves as one of Denver’s top up-and-coming musical acts. Lead by eccentric-guitar-man Robby Schechter, RSMD blends rock/soul/ funk /blues/jazz/ and world music with comedy, excitement, and a stage show that will leave the audience wondering, “What the hell do you call that?”

Comprised of five University of Denver Jazz graduates, RSMD combines top-notch musicality and artistic expression with an attitude that says, “No better time (to dance) than now!”

Since its formation, the band has released one full-length studio album, as well as numerous live recordings made available online. In Feb 2013, only 6 short months after their formation, RSMD paid homage to the organization that gave them their first gig and held their own African Community Center of Denver benefit concert at Herman’s Hideaway. RSMD has also enjoyed some press attention and received a write up from Basement Lights on- one of Denver’s premier music blogs.

RSMD is currently working on music for their second studio album to be released sometime in 2014.

Matt Nasi Band

Born of equal parts cinephiles and audiophiles, the Matt Nasi Band is a Pop Rock creation with parents stemming from Stevie Wonder to GuyRichie, and Bonnie Raitt to Brigitte Nielsen. Whether it's an acoustic Apéritif or an effect cornucopia, The Matt Nasi Band will soothe your musical pangs.

This unlikely caldron began brewing after Matt Nasi made his rounds as a solo Singer/Songwriter in college and was faced with the realization of getting a real job after graduation. Little did he know that within the cubicles and staff meetings of his real jobs he would meet his band. Between an account manager, a production artist, a designer, an art director, an illustrator, and a public relations ninja, the band could assemble its own ad agency… but it won't. Instead they are focused on the infiltration through amplification and reverberation into your heart vibrations (palpitations). Their freshman full length effort "Anticiption" runs the gamut of styles from soul to synth anthems inspired by the limitless influences of the band's members.


Slopeside is not one of those bands that's afraid to bend, if not downright break, the rules. Since the inception of Slopeside in January of 2005 this five piece band has been working diligently, but at their own pace, to put the Colorado music scene on it's ear. Most call their sound a blend between Cold Play and Led Zeppelin, there's something in their music for everyone, if you will only give it a listen. Slopeside's self titled debut album was released in Aug 2009, and releases their second Album "Road to Oblivion" on February 19th 2011.

Check out Slopeside at:

That Damn Sasquatch

That Damn Sasquatch is comprised of musicians with a variety of musical interests and instrumentation, allowing the band to cross genres of music including and not limited to bluegrass, country, blues, cajun/zydeco, and jazz. With a balanced, progressive, and traditional approach their sound is truly their own.

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